Amandla Choir

Greenfield, MA

Eveline MacDougall, Director

A. “Freedom Is Coming” (Composer unknown)
Genre: International Freedom Music

B. “Each Child” by Eveline MacDougall
Genre: International Freedom Music

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  • Mary Jo Stanley

    I vote for Amandla!

  • Another vote for Amandla!

  • Megan O’Brien

    I vote for Amandla

  • Paige

    You did a very good job!

  • Molly Chambers

    Their singing always lifts our spirits. They have my vote.

  • their singing soars to celestial realms. they have my vote.

  • Anne Trapani

    I vote for Amandla!

  • Jody Sieben

    I cast my vote for the Amandla Community Chorus, whose beautiful members bring us inspiring songs of peace, joy, and the struggle for freedom.

  • Elina Coulter

    A very moving performance. Amandla has my vote!

  • Cindy Draper

    I vote for Amandia Community Chorus

  • Paul Harrington

    Amandla has my vote. They make singing out for freedom, peace, and justice look like fun and sound like joy.

  • Another vote for Amandla! they’re wonderful

  • Judi Olivier

    Uplifting and joyful – they have my vote!

  • Bill

    Did not know what the word Amandla meant. (Wikipedia defines it as the Xhosa and Zulu word for ‘power’.)
    Thought the singing was fine. 90/100. Wished for more of a contrast between the two pieces.

  • Stanley Friedman

    Loved this chorus. It definitely has my vote.

  • Jim Vollinger

    Another vote for social justice through music!

  • Michelle Chaikin

    Thank you for this thoughtful and instructive comment!

  • Amandia gets my vote! Congratulations, Michael, my brother!

  • wendy sinton

    another vote for Amandla

  • They definately have my vote!!!

  • Linda Bickford

    I vote for Amandla!

  • Mitchell Chaikin

    I like!
    You’ve got my vote!

  • Bob Draper

    Amandla! o yes I know! has my vote!

  • Renee Mendez

    Amandla chorus rocks! They have my vote, OH YES!

  • Joanna Draper

    Amandla is amazing! They have my vote! 😀

  • Susan Friedman

    Great intonation and spirit. Amandla has my vote.

  • Wonderful! Amandla has my vote!

  • Wonderful group. They have my vote!! Way to go Michelle.

  • Elizabeth Farnsworth


  • Amandla is joyful, powerful and tender.

  • I’ve enjoyed every performance I’ve seen by Amandla

  • Joan Featherman

    I vote for Amandla. Your music inspires us to be hopeful about working for peace and justice.

  • carol harrington

    I vote for Amandla, just beautiful. Great job

  • lenny zarcone

    I vote for Amandala

  • Laurel Collins

    I vote Amandala! Awesome job!

  • Brendan

    Wonderful! I love it. Amandala has my vote!

  • pru grand

    i love amandala! got my vote.

  • Karen Diamond

    very beautifully done Amandala, you have my vote!

  • Hazel Dawkins

    Such an amazing performance – as it is every time I hear them. I vote for Amandla.
    Hazel Dawkins, Greenfield

  • Laura Stell

    Checkin’ in from New Orleans, Amandla gets my vote, y’all!

  • Val Scott

    Amandla is inspiring, and gets my vote!

  • Karen Scott

    I vote for Amandla!

  • I vote for Amandla!

  • Kathryn Stone

    Amandlla gets my vote!

  • Ted Scott

    I’m voting for Amandlla.

  • Hands down my favorite choir.

  • Lisa

    Brava! Very well done & moving the spirit!

  • Amandla has my vote!

  • Jeanne Borfitz

    Amandla has always touched my soul.


    The Best Group I’ve heard so far. Great sound, appearance and inspiring.


    Amandla sounds great, looks great and continues to inspire!!

  • Heidi Ehrenreich

    Amandla is a gift to our community. They have my vote.

  • I am a fan.

  • Beautiful! I vote Amandla!

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