Pittsfield, MA

Valarie Reynolds, Choral Director


A. “I Hope You Dance” by Tia Sillers & Mark D. Sanders
Genre: Barbershop

B. “Kicking it up a Notch” by Nancy Faddegon
Genre: Barbershop

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  • You ladies are Greaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!

  • Gail Wojtkowiak


  • Ron Baczek

    I really like the sound

  • Marcy Cohen

    This is a great group of singers!

  • Robert Cohen

    I love to listen to these ladies sing!

  • Dan Scace

    You are awesome!

  • Barb Scace

    You are the best!

  • Stanley Shapshay

    Outstanding group!

  • H. Gasparian

    You’re the tops!

  • Gloria Chase


  • brittany breault


  • Joanne

    Berkshire Hills Rocks!

  • James Goldberg


  • shirley alexander

    Berkshire hills is great!

  • Mary graske

    Good Luck Ladies. I am with Greater Cleveland Chorus Sweet adelines. We are also in a contest till the end of the month of March needing votes. Go Sweet adelines!

  • Mary graske

    good luck ladies 3-22-11 greater cleveland chorus. Go Sweet adelines.

  • Mary Ann Kipp

    You go girls! Good Luck!

  • Wishing you all the best. Go far!

  • Janie tamarkin

    Cheers to Berkshire Hills!! You’re the bomb!

  • Kathy Holsopple

    I’m lovin it….All of GCC is pulling for you.

  • Janie Pellish

    Awesome group of singers whose music brings joy to many members of the Berkshire County community.


  • Naomi Rauff

    Beautiful harmony that rings with joy and brings smiles to many hearts.


  • Brian Staubach

    Show your stuff, ladies! Great job!

  • Robyn Staubach

    You’re all fabulous…..beauty and talent!!!

  • Linda G

    Great Job Ladies, from your friends in GCC!

  • Darrell

    Harmonize the World! From a devoted GCC and Sweet Adeline Groupie.

  • Mark Gutheil

    Beautiful voices, ladies! Always a pleasure to hear!

  • Pat Mazzeo

    these women LOVE what they do and love to share that love with their audience – you’ll love them too!

  • Louise Palmer


  • Arthur Sternby

    Just the BEST!

  • Arthur Sternby

    Hope you win gals!

  • Sadao Yagi

    Beautiful Voices

  • Candy

    Harmony at it’s BEST

  • Sarah

    You GO Girls!

  • Flash

    Great voices!

  • Isabel

    Way to go, ladies!

  • You go , ladies!!!!! We’re proud of you!!!!

  • AWesome job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love you grammy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from charlotte

  • alisa blanchard

    Best of luck to my favorite ladies!

  • Carol Baldi

    I vote for you. You’re awesome! Good luck from a Greater Cleveland Chorus member!

  • It’s been great fun!

  • Gerri Sefcik

    I wish I could vote more than once !!! I hope you win !!! I love my fellow Sweet Adeline sisters !!!

  • Marya LaRoche

    I “like” you lots!!

  • We’re with you all the Berkshire Hills, Go Girls!

  • We are with you all the way…Go Berkshire Hills

  • carol henvey

    wishing all of you good luck Hope you win

  • Caitlin

    Good luck! Hope you win. C and G

  • gaye murphy

    Good Luck – Go get’em Barbar

  • Linda Tricarichi

    You’ve definitely got my vote! Linda T from GCC Good Luck!

  • Karen Molino

    My vote is for the Berkshire Hills Sweet Adelines!

  • Julie Ann Pelletier

    My vote is for Berkshire Hills Chorus Sweet Adelines! You GO, Girls!

  • Julie Ann Pelletier

    I’m voting for Berkshire Hills Chorus Sweet Adelines! You GO, Girls!!!

  • Megan Nesbitt

    Good Luck Aunt Naomi. Love, Megan

  • Craig Hall

    Gail you and the Girls are great! Best of luck.

  • Julianne Maxwell

    Berkshire Hills Chorus rocks! The ladies are all winners!

  • Lin

    Great! You go girls!
    Good Luck from Capitaland chorus !

  • Lynn Richardson

    Good Luck ladies! You are a pleasure to listen to!

  • Linda Tricarichi

    You’ve sure got my vote!rwas

  • Joshua David Hall

    Absolutly stunning! Wonderful!!!!!!

  • Alissa Zeigler

    You ladies are amazing!!! 🙂 Goodluck!!!

  • Berkshire Hills Chorus Sweet Adelines are the best! Look great, sound even better. Definitely have my vote. Keep on, keepin’ on!

  • Congratulations Ladies!!! you are terrific.

    Laurie Schwartz

  • Nancy Markle

    Add another vote.

  • Kathy fraker

    Good luck to the sweet adenines

  • Sylvia Stein


  • Caren

    What a fine group.

  • Hunter

    Best of luck!

  • Joel Less

    Go Berkshire Girls Adelines. You are great

  • Maura

    Harmonize the World Ladies!

  • Laurie Frankenthaler


  • Lanny Zuckerman

    Great chorus, great people!

  • Michael Bullock


  • Lots of luck!! Beth Radsken

  • Lorraine

    Ladies, you’ve got my vote!

  • Bob Scace

    I’ve heard their recordings. The ladies are really great. Give them two points for Unc and Ant.

    Bob and Pat Scace

  • Debbie

    GREAT chorus!!

  • Steffie

    You go girls !

  • Paula Aronson

    Fabulous group–Good Luck!!!

  • pat feldman

    This little chorus is AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • Arlene

    Great Chorus! Good Luck

  • kathie clement

    good luck

  • kathie clement

    good luck rock on JANIE





  • Loretta Scheel

    This is terrific group of women

  • I hope you dance as well, and sing and love the music that you bring to our lives. I look forward to hearing the performance. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  • Tom Cotter

    They sang; I listened; They conquered!

  • Randy Pellish

    Amazing group!!! Who’s the short blond in the front??? She’s great!!!

  • Hillary

    These singers are awesome – such enthusiasm and talent!

  • Debbie Southard

    Way to go ladies!! That’s my mom in the front row 2nd one in!! Way to go mom….SO proud of u!! Love u!!!!!!

  • My mom is in the first row 2nd one in….eveyone please help her team out and vote. Go to WGBY.org, click on together in song, click on performers, small adult, scroll to bottom of page, go to next, click on Berkshire Hills Chorus Sweet Adelines and either leave a comment or click on the facebook logo top left…thank you!!

  • Lydia

    Great voices…and a great gift!

  • judy gitelson

    Thanks for bringing so much joy to so many of us!

  • Jane

    What a treasure in the Music of the Berkshires! Just wonderful.

  • Jane

    Can’t get enough of the group’s wonderful harmony.

  • susan sloane

    great group!

  • susan sloane

    Great group!!!

  • Liz

    Bravo; Berkshire Hills Sweet Adelines are wonderful and deserve to win. Good Luck!

  • Kate Staebler

    An absolutely amazing group of singers!

  • Elizabeth

    Who knew that our Learning Specialist was such a star?

  • Liz Puntin


  • Randy Farmer

    Terrific Singing Ladies!!! And the winner is………………….. Berkshire Hills Sweet Adelines!!!! Great Harmonsy Ladies. Thanks for putting a smile on our faces.

  • Marianne Juby

    Great harmony and great friends. Can it get any better than this. Best of luck in Springfield. Think 501!

  • karen


  • Amy Renak

    Your music was straight from the heart…beautiful job!

  • Brian

    Great performances. Janie Rocks!!!

  • Theresa Zurzolo

    Good Luck from GCC!

  • Rob

    I hope you dance!!!!! awesome!!!!

  • Everyone watch this and vote. They are awesome!!!

  • Sarah Reagan

    LOVELY LADIES!!!!!!!!!

  • Laurie

    Way to go girls!! You sound and look great!!!

  • Bill Hyland

    Such a fun group to watch. They sound wonderful and look like they really enjoy singing.

  • Dave Cranmer

    Way to go mom!

  • Rachel Morandi

    Awesome job, ladies!!!

  • Liam

    Way to go!

  • Sean

    Wonderful group!

  • Kim

    They sound great, wonderful voices!

  • Raymond

    What a joy to listen to!

  • Michael

    Very enjoyable to hear.

  • Lindsay Brown

    Fantastic sound!
    Lindsay Brown, Plymouth, England

  • Pat Mazzeo

    Every time I see this I love it more – Valeri, you have taken these women to the stars!!! Exciting performance – thank you for your desire to make the chorus what they are – THE BEST! Vote everyone!!!

  • Patti Savage

    What a joy to listen to! I’m one of those who wants to dance and take a chance, so ladies, I’m with you!!!! You make me smile x

  • Sherry Bowden

    Awesome job ladies!

  • Richard Olsted

    go for it ladies

  • Carol Hanford

    Go Berkshire Hills. Awesome job.

  • H Hervet

    Great singing by this group.

  • Carol Roberts

    Good Luck Ladies, such an awesome bunch

  • Marcia Powdermaker

    How lucky we are to have you ladies. Thanks
    so much for your voices, you
    sound so terrific. Best of luck in your

  • Jane

    Great group of performers!

  • Kathy


  • Eileen Magliola

    Great melded sound. Love ’em.

  • Berkshire Hills Chorus Sweet Adelines has my vote. Their sound brings sweet music to my Alaska home. Jackie

  • SWEET. SWEET, SWEET—Berkshire Hills Sweet Adelines has my vote.

  • Michael

    The bomb

  • john

    Good job ladies. What does the number 7 mean?

  • Patrick

    Sweet music to my ears!

  • I wish to put in a very strong vote for the Berkshire Hills Chorus Sweet Adelines. They rock!

  • Gail

    Enjoyed your performance tonight. Good Luck! Miss you!!!!

  • debbie

    Great songs! Go Janie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoox

  • Deb

    Wonderful voices! Go ladies!

  • Laurie

    They’re GREAT!!!

  • Tracy

    That was amazing to listen to. I admire your voices.

  • Patty

    You’re the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dick

    You all sound great!

  • Marge

    I love to listen to these ladies, they are a great group of women! Go Berkshire Hills Chorus

  • Nancy

    Hi Janie, this is Nancy, Barbara’s daughter – You all sound great! 🙂

  • sue

    great job ladies! woot woot!

  • Judy Spencer

    You girls surely sound great. I wish I was there with you for this great experience. I miss you and plan to see many of you this summer. My door is open in Florida for any of you to visit. Thanks to Naomi for letting me know about this. You have my vote. Lots of luck in this adventure. Judy

  • Faith Newmark

    Great choir. Very hard working. Great to listen to.

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