Lenox, MA

Andrea Goodman, Choral Director

Cherubic Hymn by Dmitri Bortniansky
Genre: Russian Liturgical Music

Watch a video clip from this Choir’s director.

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  • Bill

    One word: Great. Great conducting. 96/100

  • Maureen Felman

    Yeah Mrs. Verdi,
    You guys sound wonderful and I really like the song choice, although a little dry for my tastes it really accentuates your chorus.
    In short, brilliant.

  • Takayo Minami

    This choir sounds amazing! The singing is so sensitive and this piece brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!

  • Christine Campbell

    This choir sounds wonderful. They definitely have MY VOTE!!!

  • Heidi


  • really beautiful…I wasn’t familiar with the music but I certainly was carried off on a fine cloud. Got my vote.

  • It is not Barbershop…..It is absolutely wonderful!!!
    From a Sweet Adeline

  • gil asher

    choir is a pleasure. lovely sound

  • ruth heuberger

    Cantilena Chamber Choir has my thumbs up for their presentation . Beautiful music and harmony!

    Ruth Heuberger, Great Barrington

  • Bill

    Love the Russian! Wonderful choir.

  • Deb Orth

    wonderful choir Top noch.

  • Robin

    what a beautiful sound, the choir is fabulous!

  • Fantastic! I especially like the deep bass sounds projecting from the ensemble – it almost sounds like a bassoonist is in the Choir. The overall balance is lovely and the varying nuances give this group my vote for a most superb performance.

  • Cheryl Lennon

    To sing in Russian was a very bold move. I admire their confidence. They didn’t sing an easy old standard. “A+” for originality.

  • Joe

    Excellent performance. They get my vote.

  • Excellent performance — obviously the winner of this competition!

  • james

    excellent choir!

  • And everyone seems to be enjoying the singing. Great conducting, Andrea!

  • Tim S

    Great sound. Bravo!!

  • CR

    Bravo! This choir should Win!

  • Joan

    Loved your harmony. You all blend so well. Great listening and hope you win.

  • Gail

    You have got to be kidding? Russian! Wow, truly spectacular performance!!!

  • Zora Magoo

    Bravissimo Cantilena!

  • Alice C.

    These guys are the real Magoos! Nice.

  • Diana

    Looooooove!!!!! These guys are FANTASTIC!

  • Atan M

    What a performance, and what heavenly music. I would love to hear how they sound live…

  • Great choir, you have my vote

  • Jane

    Beautiful sound! You have my vote.

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