Hartford, CT

Ehren Brown, Director


“Blow, blow, thou winter wind” by John Rutter
Genre: Contemporary

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  • Is the clip of the Hartford Chorale Chamber Singers (above) available for postion on our web site (www.hartfordchorale.org)?

    Richard Tecca, Vice President Marketing
    The Hartford Chorale

  • Beth Gibbs

    Loved the show – just want to make sure my vote counts for the Hartford Chorale. Thanks!

  • Lea Klonoski

    The Hartford Chorale receives my vote. They were super!

  • Daniel Klonoski

    My vote goes to the Hartford Chorale. Their singing was exceptional!

  • Joanne HuelsmaN

    Good !

  • Great job tonight! My vote is for the Hartford Chorale

  • liz Oswald

    The Hartford Chamber Singers sounded great. I cast my vote for them.

  • Liz Oswald

    Great job you get my vote.

  • Deborah Cervas

    I vote for the Hartford Chorale Chamber Singers for their marvelous singing!

  • Nancy Mandly

    Simply the BEST!!!

  • Very beautiful presentation…gets my vote.

  • My good friend, Landy Gobes, is singing in this prestigious and talented chamber group….listen

  • Eric Schulman

    The BEST! Simply the BEST!

  • Barky Schellinger

    I vote for the Hartford Chorale Chamber singers. Excellent vocals and they show some personality when they sing.

  • lorry clayman

    Absolutely beautiful performance. 2 votes for the hartford Chorale.
    Marty and Lorry Clayman

  • lorry clayman

    Absolutely brilliant performance. Please log 2 votes from us.
    Marty and Lorry Clayman

  • I thought the Hartford Chorale Chamber Singers did a fantastic job! They get my vote.

  • Carol Merle-Fishman

    Fabulous!!! I cast my vote for the Hartford Chorale! Good luck and keep on singing!

  • Jennifer Osowiecki

    Beautiful guys! I wish I could have been there. Darn business trip! You have my vote. Lovely job!!!

  • Nice job. Keep on singing!

  • Go Hartford Chorale Chamber Singers!
    I vote enthusiastically for you!!

  • Dave Howe

    Well done, Hartford Chorale Chamber Singers! Two thumbs up!

  • Dennis Johnston

    I vote for the Hartford Chorale Chamber Singers!

  • Brenda Combs

    Another vote for the Hartford Chorale Chamber Singers.

  • Lynn Sweet

    Great job Hartford Chorale Chamber Singers…conductor…accompianist…You get my vote!

  • George Ball

    The Hartford Chorale Chamber Singers did a great job! They get my vote.

  • Anthony DeDominicis

    To my fellow singers, I love you all! What a family! You for sure get my vote!

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