Hatfield, MA

Kathy Marks, Choral Director


“Woke Up This Morning (Freedom Song)” Arranged by Cynthia Gray
Genre: Gospel Swing

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  • Great job! Definitely my favorite Children’s choir.

  • Judy Goehring

    Great job with your childrens’ choir. Loved them!!!

  • Jami Zmurko

    Outstanding! This sounded amazing, and I LOVED the smiles and dedication to the song. Well done! I am very impressed!

  • Bill Bray

    Great performance!! I loved the energy, enthusiasm and precision.

  • Zach c

    Great job guys, let’s go to the next round!!,!,!,!,

  • Just loved the performance….so proud of my students!

  • Jenny Sikorski

    Good job guys(: we did fabulous. I have faith we will make it to the next round(:

  • Patti Benson

    Beautiful! They all looked so proud and confident and they sounded GREAT!

  • James Strycharz

    Excellent upbeat music by young voices, especially the harmony in parts.

  • Julie Andrus

    FANTASTIC…..HES Chorus ROCKS!!! Great Job guys!! Keep singing!!!

  • Thomas Petcen

    Great Job – shows what young people can do with young voices.

  • Zach .


  • Karen Czerniak

    Way to go HES. I’m very impressed with the wonderful vocals I heard.

  • Vanessa Kerby

    Amazing! I know you practiced very hard, and it shows! What beautiful voices chorus, keep up the GREAT work!

  • Anita Gingras

    Great job! Loved the song, well done!

  • Jeff McCollough

    The performance left me dancing. I’m still dancing. You guys rock!

  • Jessica Jamrog

    You all look and sound wonderful! Keep up the good work! You got my vote of course!

  • Carley P

    had lots of fun hope you enjoyed

  • Lauren Hyde

    You guys did an OUTSTANDING job 🙂 keep up the ood work and lets go on to the second round!!!

  • Mike I

    Great job kids!

  • miya

    You guys rocked!!! hope you get to the next round!!

  • miya

    you guys rocked!!!!! keep up the good work and get to the next round!!!

  • Jack Hession

    Ya zach!!!!!!

  • Jack Hession

    Go Hatfield!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cause were awesome

  • Great Job!

  • You guys were awesome!!

  • Tracy Channell

    Awesome job !! You all should be proud…Good luck 🙂

  • Beth Labbe

    What a wonderful performance! Can’t wait for the next round.

  • Great job nice performance ,looking forward to the play in April

  • claraS

    Miya? my best friend ? hi thanks for the comment on our chorusapreciated they zoomed on me like 3 times i was super nervous

  • claraS

    great job!

  • Jo ann petcen

    Great job. We are very proud .

  • Kay Fern

    It was exciting!!! To watch Ben. I love the song. Everyone sounded great.

  • Lisa

    Great job singing & with such feeling. loved your performance!

  • “Woke Up This Morning…” is another Traditional Negro Spiritual; not a gospel. Spirituals were created by slaves; gospel is a 20th century urban form.

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    Additional support is provided by: A grant from The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts from the Raymond E. and Mildred G. Clark Foundation Fund and the Members of WGBY.