Northampton, MA

Maggie Hawlicheck, Director

Ginny Crowl and Judy Pease, Co-Directors

“Candle on the Water” by Joel Hirschom
Genre: Barbershop

“California Dreaming” by John Phillips
Genre: Barbershop

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  • I cast my vote for the joyful and heartfelt music of Heart of the Valley Chorus.

  • Joyful, happy, having a good time chorus singing a cappella barbershop style..nothing like it anywhere!!!!!

  • Good for you, ladies! We’re proud of you!

  • Heart of the Valley is the best!

  • Jenn Hunter

    Way to go Maggie!!!!

  • A cappella at its best!

  • Marie

    I vote for the Heart of the Valley….we need more of you!

  • Judy Pease

    Loved the fun lovin’ faces and great barbershop sound! My vote is in here!

  • Hope

    Lovely sound, great performance – and sparkly!

  • Barbara

    I love this group, and such a beautiful song. A special shout out to my friend Toby!

  • Els

    Good performance and so much fun

  • Dawn Connelly

    Saw them on this website – fell in love with this group!

  • Dawn Connelly

    saw them on this website – loved this group!

  • lynn j

    Awesome group

  • Cosmo D.

    What a wonderful surprise – absolutely delightful – loved it!

  • Joyce

    Wow! Such beautiful women, such beautiful music! Here’s my vote !

  • Shelley Fontaine Letendre

    My vote is for the Sweet Adeline’s—Way to go Marcella!!!!

  • Arleen McDevitt

    I vote for Heart in the Valley. Superb! Arleen & John

  • Jana Wahlen

    I vote for Heart of the Valley!!

  • Michele Reynolds

    Heart of the Valley! these are some rockin mamas!! wow what spunk. I bunch of trouble makers I can only imagine. They have a lot of energy ! I could listen to them all day!!

  • Frances Goldbach

    A great group!! Way to Go Bonnie!

  • Frances Goldbach

    A wonderful performance.

  • Love Heart of the Valley! That’s where I cast my vote!

  • Gary Sweeney

    Awsome. A huge hit in South Carolina. Rock on Girls.

  • Elsa Vitols

    My vote is for Heart of the Valley. Their love for the music they sing is so present on their faces.

  • Elaine Fell

    I vote for the Heart of the Valley chorus – Marcella you are wonderful!

  • Elaine Fell

    I vote for Heart of the Valley chorus. Marcella you are wonderful!

  • Neil

    Inspirational and amazing – they all look like they are having a fantastic time!

  • Elizaeth Seelandt

    Heart of the Valley has my vote and my heart.

  • maggie

    Heart of Valley your voices are as sweet as angels.

  • Awesome singing, great performance. One votes for Heart of the Valley chorus.

  • Pat Taylor

    The Heart of the Valley has my heart and my vote. I love that baritone, Elsa!

  • Ed

    Heart of the Valley couldn’t be a better name for a group that delivers like this.

  • Cynthia

    Awesome really enjoyed the performance

  • Hi Ladies,
    You’ll always have a place in my heart!! I loved it! Sound was fabulous…..Next time sing Java!! LOL
    Love to all of you.

  • Howie and Jeannine

    I heard you for the first time today and you all did a super job! Singing a capeela is a gift. Thank you Love, Howie and Jeannine

  • Margaret wynne

    Ladies your voices are soooo sweet. It was a treat to hear you!

  • Elijah

    GO MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ELIJAH (a.k.a bonnie’s son)

  • Maddy

    Go Judy. Gosh how do you do it without music. I can’t carry a tune. Best of Luck.

  • Brian R. Elliott

    Absolutely wonderful. Having given performances all over Korea in the service in the late 1960’s with the Bayonet Chorus, I know the hard work, long hours and dedication that’s involved in coming together with such a delightful and joyous blend. Keep up the good work.

  • David E. Beaver

    My gosh! Why listen to “old-fashioned radio”, or iTunes when you can see and hear these lovely ladies all of whom appear to be having more fun than is allowed by present-day standards? Eh?

  • Joseph Lepore

    Alfalfa, keep singing with that luscious voice. Heart of the Valley the best looking and best sounding of any chorus in Western Mass.

  • Tobi DAndrea

    I cast my vote for this amazing group of fabulously talented women!!

  • john

    They are great

  • Dorothy Hergesheimer

    I thought Heart of the Valley Chorus was really exceptional, with their spirited vocals, dazzling appearance, and such lovely tones. My most favorite,they get my vote!!

  • Shanti Ferrini

    I loved watching and listening to these wonderful singers. The joy they feel in singing together really comes across in this performance!

  • I certainly vote for Heart of the Valley. mesmerizingly & beautiful! Love your tops. Go Elsa go!

  • maggie

    Beautiful harmony ladies.

  • Bruno V.

    Awesome….Heart of the Valley gets my vote!

  • Dawn Dearing

    These singers are awesome. They really put there all into there work.

  • Nicholas

    I vote for heart of the valley, great job.

  • maggie

    Heart of the Valley-you have captured my heart!


  • Anne Marie

    You go girls! It’s got that swing, and you can sing!

  • B. Conlon

    My vote is for Heart of the Valley. They sound great and have a professional stage presesnce. They seem to love what they are doing!

  • Joanna V

    Best group out there! Great songs, great performance, great look!!!!

  • Gloria Stevens

    Lovely and nicely done. You have my vote!

  • Mary S

    Fantastic! Best group out there.

  • bonnie

    You make my heart radiate with joy!

  • Susan Gallagher

    I vote for the Heart of the Valley. Wonderful voices.

  • Ken Shea

    I think these singers are the best in Pioneer Valley. Bonnie has my vote.

  • Megan Orzino

    I vote for the Heart of the Valley. Wonderful singers, beautiful voices!!!

  • Maria Jose Botelho

    My vote goes to the Heart of the Valley. Beautiful.

  • jill

    WOW! You got my vote!

  • nancy Retchin

    Beautiful harmony!!!!

  • Carol Booth

    Heart of the Valley! Beautiful women, beautiful voices. My vote is for them.

  • Mary S

    Oh those voices! What a beautiful sound to hear.

    Love Them!!

    Mary S

  • Mischief

    If I could sing, I would definitely join this chorus!

  • Kookla

    What an enjoyable group. They have my vote.

  • Anne Marie

    You have my vote!
    Nicely done.

  • Asle Slotiv

    So happy to have heard this wonderful group. I vote for them and will tell my friends to check out the wonderful competition.

  • Great sound and wonderful faces!

  • Great job! You have my vote!

  • Sandrah Fager

    Amazing! This group was just amazing!

  • Holly Martineau

    Great job!! I cast my vote.

  • Adele

    Wonderful harmonies! You have my vote!

  • I didn’t know there were all female Barber Shop groups. What a lovely, full sound!

  • The chorus of barbershop style singers are intricate style of singing done with joy!
    Love to all, Walter

  • Jackie Bartlett

    Great sound in a truly American a cappella singing style!
    Love to Judy

  • Mary G. Avery

    They were excellent. One thing I like about Barbershop singing, is that even if you don’t know the song you can understand all the words. Nice performance ladies.

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