Haydenville, MA

Penny Shultz, Choral Director


“Shut de Do’r” by Randy Stonehill
Genre: Traditional spiritual

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  • Fantastic group of energentic uplifting singers

  • Hilltown Chorus rocks!

  • William Summers

    What a joy.

  • Bill Summers

    What a good looking group of kids. Having a great time.

  • Nell Lake

    Wow, great singing! Thanks Hilltown!

  • Cathy Melhorn

    I’ve always admired the energy and achievement of the Hilltown singers. They perform such fun songs, and Penny Shultz draws such great spirit from her singers. Wonderful diction, nice use of solo groups, singing in parts and in tune! Congratulations! And best wishes from the South Hadley Children’s Chorus.

  • Megan Morrow

    Fantastic! I had the opportunity to dance to the group’s performance of this song at Northampton’s First Night with the Dance Generators, and I am stoked to see it broadcast on TV in all its glory!!! CONGRATULATIONS, you have my vote for sure!!

  • Cool accompaniest!!

  • Deirdre Arthen

    Yeah Singers and yeah Penny! Super job! Love the “look” and the sound. And I agree, excellent accompanist.

  • Fabulous song and group! Check them out!!!

  • Peter Feitner

    Great singers! Great chorus! Great Penny! I am glad that more folks will see our fun treasure supported at a really terrific little public school! Love it!

  • Peter Feitner

    The coolest!

  • I miss being part of Penny’s chorus so much, and seeing the next generation coming out of Hilltown, it’s something special.

  • Congratulations on a fabulous performance, you have my vote!
    Yes, cool accompaniest and awesome director!!!

  • I love this Chorus!

  • Susan Gelletly

    Wonderful spirit, superb music — Thanks!

  • Susan Janssen

    He is definitely the best!

  • Liz Cory

    Beautiful music and beautiful children.

  • Jennifer Gottlieb


  • Ed Cohen

    Keep on singing!

  • Diana Krauth

    Hooray ! ! What a beautiful rainbow group ! ! I have tears in my eyes, smile ear-to-ear and a leap of joy in my heart for the uplifted music of the Hilltown children. Hooray for Penny too, the bestest chorus director ever. Much love!

  • Kathie Gow

    Fabulous beat and voices. Penny Shultz has taken the chaotic energy of a bunch of rambunctious kids and channeled it into something beautiful and surprising. You have my vote. The colors of their outfits just help the words pop — Shut De Door! Keep out De Devil!

  • Andras Arthen

    Great sound — but I also love how alive & vibrant these kids are!

  • Flo LaCascia

    Really enjoyed the children’s performance! They were GREAT!!

  • Lynn Eiseman

    What a great performance! The energy and talent shine through!

  • James Tobin

    Loved the Hilltown Childrens Chorus! They brought some sunshine to the day and a smile to my face.

  • Kayla Lipsitz

    love the sound, love the colors, incredible direction, and what an accompaniest!
    thanks for spreading the joy!

  • Peter Frank

    Hi — I’m really impressed with these young singers and their director did a great job getting these youngsters to perform in a professional manner.

  • Kate Romm

    Hilltown Singer, you rock! This was so much fun to watch and I hope to see you guys perform LIVE one day! WAY TO GO!

    Kate, Burlington, VT

  • darcy tozier

    yahoo hilltown! you have my vote!

  • Ellen Brown

    Yes for Hilltown! That children’s choir rocks!

  • Sarissa Markowitz

    Hilltown Chorus was AWESOME!! Incredible job!

  • Jennifer Tyo

    What a fabulous performance! Great job Hilltown Singers!

  • shannon shaw

    Hilltown chorus was the best by far!!!!

  • LOVE IT! Go Charter School! Let’s hear more!

  • animated, fun, mesormizing, love the kids and the choral director! Great harmony- unlike all the others. Unique

  • Emily Hart

    Go Hilltown Charter School!!!

  • Shawn S. Ryder

    Great job. Hilltown Charter school rocked. Keep up the good work.

  • Stephen Schrems

    What a great looking group! Direction, Piano, Chorus… The Best I have seen in this competition!
    Kudos Hilltown Cooperative Charte Public School!!

  • Stephen Schrems

    xo Jim!

  • Stephen Schrems


  • Lillian Tobin- Schrems

    thank you sooooo much for being that cool accompaniest!!!!!!!!!!
    🙂 😀

  • Lillian Tobin- Schrems

    thank you! 🙂 😀 😛 B-)

  • Jackson

    Awesome group. Penny is truly inspiring for the kids. She has reached outside the box to find a rich and unique repertoire for a children’s chorus. Great work to you all.

  • Marianne Adams

    Great song- wonderful energy. What a nice arrangement- so intersting,it keeps you one your ears!

    great job Hilltown.

  • Great song- wonderful energy. What a nice arrangement- so intersting,it keeps you one your ears!

    great job Hilltown. yeah Penny.

  • The three treasures of Hilltown, Penny, the Chorus, and the children! The generous spirit of the entire community is expressed here.

  • Isobel Arthen


  • Marguerite McGrath

    Makes me wish I’d stayed at Hilltown ^_^ You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen Kelly Becker

    Wonderful–the energy is contagious!

  • Karen Kelly Becker

    Wonderful–and the energy is inspiring!

  • Karen Kelly Becker

    WONDERFUL–and I love the energy!

  • Susan

    Adorable! Brilliant singing and I love all the colorful outfits. Great job!!!

  • Magnificent, brilliant, uplifting. What bold song from young voices. I am full for the day. Thank you.

  • Ruiz

    Fantastic group. Full of energy and passion.
    Excellent job.

  • Ruiz Family

    Great job! Make our hearts feel joy.

  • Madison

    AMAZING! Such energetic children, and this is always fun to see! ;D You have my vote!

  • harlan tozier

    great job lots of energy


    excellent job!!! love the colorful outfits – fun!

  • Brenda Deary

    I thought this was a really advanced performance for such a young group of musicians. Excellent !!

  • Debbie Lynn

    Great harmonies! Enjoyed listening!

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