Longmeadow, MA

Kayla Werlin, Choral Director


“Elijah Rock” by Moses Hogan
Genre: Spiritual

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  • David White

    I was a member of Lyrics from 1978-8- and have never forgotten the experience!! Keep up the outstanding work~

  • Since when were we *The* Lyrics? Did I miss a memo?

  • Ken Rice

    The lyrics sound very good, I vote for them!

  • Asa

    Amherst Regional Middle school is way better. They are 14 years old and they may be younger, but have much better song choice. What is this?

  • Dianne

    I always enjoy listening to such wonderful voices. You can tell that they sing from their hearts.

  • Carrie Anderson

    Bravo! I always enjoy listening to Lyrics’ heartfelt singing. I am proud to be a Lyrics mom.
    You get my vote.

  • Anita Cooper

    Really nice work! Love the piece!

  • Doris and Carlos Morales

    Longmeadow Lyrics rocks!

  • Moses

    Hey “Asa,” how about you don’t rip on Lyrics. I will personally hunt you down and make you sing Elijah Rock. Amherst middle school can’t touch Longmeadow.

  • Luke Dargie

    They were good. They had control over their voices.

  • Devin McNulty

    I’m from a different group in their category, but OH MY GOD. THIS IS BRILLIANT. Actual chills at 2:45. Outstanding work.

  • Lyrics

    Hahaha, Lyrics is actually one of the top two high school choirs Asa..sooo….you’re dumb.

  • Lyrics

    in Massachusetts* you’re still dumb

  • John

    Middle school children are no way near this level of music ability….. sorry

  • Seeing this makes me proud to be a Lyrics alum, once again! As always … fantastic, beautiful singing. 🙂

  • Susan

    Outstanding work once again Lyrics!!

  • Meghan J

    awesome job you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you sound amazing as always! LHS LYRICS YOU ROCK 😀 (no pun intended…!)

  • Bob

    While all the high school groups performed well, I thought the Lyrics were most outstanding. They get my vote.

  • I miss being in Lyrics so much! We also sang Elijah Rock when I was in the group!!

  • Chris Keaney

    Such talented young men and women

  • Emily

    I’m so glad to sing with all of you. Never forget the fun we had this year. “Music Alone Shall Live”

  • Joyce

    Congratulations Longmeadow Lyrics! Outstanding performance!

  • Ralph

    I agree with Joyce, thumbs up!! good job!!

  • Paulo

    Superb job! Wonderful harmonies and voice control.

  • Excellent Job!! Even better live. The “Longmeadow Lyrics” have my vote.

  • Edward

    This is tremendous! Well done!

  • Dmo

    Zack Kalman looks like a stud! Give em a solo

  • Lois

    Go Longmeadow and Go Shane…my vote is for Longmeadow.

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