J. Cottle, Choral Director

“Elijah Rock” by Moses Hogan
Genre: Spiritual

Watch an interview from this group’s director.

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  • Michelle Chaikin

    From the interview alone, I’m looking forward to hearing this group!

  • Robin Robitaille

    I love them!

  • Taylor Robitaille

    Go MCLA!

  • Elizabeth Robitaille

    They were amazing! Loved the harmonies and the complexity of the piece.

  • Bert Smith

    I loved them! They should win.

  • Alexander Smith

    Winners! For sure, they were absolutely fantastic.

  • Shannon Robitaille

    They were the most complex of all the college ensembles. Absolutely perfect.

  • Jenna Williamson

    I loved them!

  • Matt Borkowski

    They were awesome!

  • Pamela Borkowski

    I loved their style, they were great!

  • Susie Smith

    Lovely to listen to!

  • Scott Smith

    I really enjoyed listening, they were exciting to watch!

  • Susan Dukeshire

    Great tone and harmonies!

  • Ken Dukeshire

    I don’t know anything about music but it sounded really good!

  • Paul and Annette Allen

    The harmonies were superb. Under Mr. Cottle’s direction, this group is destined to win. Keep up the good work! We enjoyed listening to a great performance!

  • Ana Godfrey

    Best group so far!!! =]

  • i loveeeeed it paulo, sat here and listerned to the entire thing, its really nice to know that there are alot more teens who are very spiritual. just lemme know when i need to vote and i will do so, along with a few of my friends who i will show this.. love you lots !

  • Wonderful!

  • Marie

    It’ great I love it, Good job guys.

  • Samuel

    They were awesome

  • Carl

    they were stuppendous1

  • Jean

    Good job MCLA.

  • Outstanding performance!

  • liz windrover

    Loved this! Great performance, wonderful harmonies, etc. Thank you!

  • Bill

    To pick a group as a winner after the first program would seem to show a slight prejudice! lol That said, this group was great. Elijah Rocks certainly did! The group’s articulation was superb. Melody can get lost amid the complex part-singing. Tough piece! Great dynamics. 98/100

  • Don


  • Charlotte

    Wonderful spirit, harmony and song. Well done! Bravo.

  • Maureen

    Fabulous! A complicated piece performed beautifully and with real spirit.

  • Tha song was spot on , Negro spiritual , I love it … The tone , the expression , the body language , always expresses how ones feelings about the songs the’re singning .. this is definitely , a winning song keeep, up the good works ,M C, L ,A .. Congratulations is in order ..

  • I thought that they were a fabulous group and they are going to go far. They are a delight to listen to.

  • sean glennon

    Great work. I respect how serious they take their performances and practices. This group is without a doubt hard working, motivated and dedicated.

  • Janice Messer

    What voices! You are fabulous. Wish I were closer to be able to attend one of your concerts!

  • Griffin Thayer

    Great job! You guys definitely captured the spirit of the song!

  • Hannah Sterrs

    Absolutely fantastic! They are a pleasure to listen to!

  • Meghan McGrath

    Get it, ‘Grettos. Jay, you should be so proud. Jackie, I see you dancing in the corner. Absolutely astounding.

  • Outstanding!
    Love it!

  • Stacy Fisher

    MCLA Allegrettos are AMAZING!!! The best thing since Glee! I absolutely love them. <3

  • Aaron Bieniek

    An excellent job on a challenging piece. I’ve heard the Allegrettos many times and I’m always blown away. They are outstanding.

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