Greenfield, MA

Jonathan Harvey, Conductor

“Ave Verum Corpus” by Charles Gounod
Genre: Sacred Anthem

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  • Laura Donaldson

    Lovely. I enjoyed this very much.

  • Stephen Arons

    I’m sure that singing–as well as listening to–this peaceful music makes it easier to deal with a sometimes chaotic world.

  • Ruth Parnall

    Loved seeing friends singing, and I cast a vote for PVSC’s wonderful sound!

  • Susan Munger

    Beautiful. Oh how I wish I could sing, but I enjoyed listening very much. Thanks.

  • Barbara Sharp

    You have my enthusiastic vote. Lovely singing!

  • Andrew Chase

    Pioneer Valley Symphony Chorus is spectacular. What a blend! This is a wonderful community group – so much talent.

  • Sarah Blain

    Lovely! I feel such peace listening to many voices moving together as one. What a lovely choir. Thanks.

  • Peter Blain

    PVSC is a great chorus! I have always enjoyed their concerts and this piece was fantastic!

  • Paula Taggart

    The piece was lovely. You have my vote.

  • Breathe taking, priceless and absolutely inspiring!
    Thank you for all sharing a part of you with all of us, it is an amazing gift!

    Lyn-Dee Eldridge

  • Vic Pantesco

    Wonderful. I plan to play this at the beginning of the day, and treat myself and computer to the best in both of us.
    Vic Pantesco

  • Mark Eldridge

    Very nice. always does a great performance!

  • Bercia Zaniewski

    Absolutely beautiful.

  • Linda

    I love this group!

  • Lucinda Butler

    Pioneer Valley Symphony Chorus is my favorite group in the Large Adult Ensemble.

  • Margot Northcutt

    It was just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Linda

    I love this group

  • Margot Northcutt

    It was just beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  • Floyd

    I think this is the best group here!

  • Nancy Coco

    Thank you for such a beautiful spot in my day.

  • Kate Van Cort

    Lovely and beautiful. Friend, Helen Spencer is so proud. Thank you.

  • Mary Ellen Howell

    It was lovely.

  • CAE

    A top notch chorus! The PVSC is one of the best in Massachusetts. They have my vote.

  • Marianne Büttner

    Congratulations on a fine performance. Voices blended beautifully. You have my vote!

  • Bravo PVS Chorus! This was a lovely performance and the blend of voices is great!

    Al Hudson

  • Renata P

    The dynamics and expression are just lovely – wonderful job!

  • Lisa B

    Lovely! You have my vote, PVSC!

  • A very moving performance enhanced by the bass on the last note.

  • marion london

    I vote for you PVC. You sound lovely. Thank you
    Marion London

  • Irene

    I’m Lovin It!

  • PVS chorus is an amazing amateur volunteer musical ensemble — the Pioneer Valley is lucky to have such a group in the valley, and they certainly deserve the highest recognition possible. They have my vote.

  • Janet Van Blerkom

    Absolutely wonderful ensemble singing! Thank you for sharing this comforting and beautiful music with us.

  • V. Branco

    I enjoyed the chorus. You have my vote.

    V B

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    Additional support is provided by: A grant from The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts from the Raymond E. and Mildred G. Clark Foundation Fund and the Members of WGBY.