Easthampton, MA

Terry Larsen, Choral Director

“Lux Aurumque” by Eric Whitacre
Genre: Contemporary sacred

“Deep River” by Norman Luboff
Genre: African American Spiritual

Watch an interview with a director of this ensemble.

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  • Ellen Berger

    Schola Nova has my vote!
    You were oustanding.

  • Bill

    The term “Non-professional” was used to describe and stipulate all entries into this wonderful series by WBY. Schola Nova, however was so good that they could indeed be mistaken for a professional choir/chorus. Formal attire cannot be beat, dynamically superb. (Some of the best forte-piano’s I ever heard (if indeed the marking was fp at the spots I recall. . .) Pitch was great. Bass solo beautiful. What’s not to like? A very serious group in all respects. 98/100.

  • Mary Strycharz

    Had the pleasure of hearing Schola Nova in person a few times. Always very beautiful and moving. They seem to mix it up with a variety of different types of song that makes it a joy.

  • Absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!

  • Matthew Jaquith

    Nice job, everyone, it’s so good to hear you. Beautiful music sung beautifully.

  • Suzanne Guthrie

    Outstanding! Beautiful music, beautiful collaboration!

  • Cindy

    You sound great and have my vote for the best.

  • K.C.

    I’m impressed that you have your music memorized! Great bass solo!

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