South Hadley Children's Chorus

South Hadley, MA

Catharine Melhorn, Choral Director

A. “Sarasponda” Arranged by Ruth Boshkoff
Genre: Dutch Folksong

B. Gypsy Rover” Arranged by Margaret Vance
Genre: Irish Folksong

View a video message from the South Hadley Children’s Chorus Director.

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  • Lisa Gebhardt

    A beautiful production! It was thrilling to see the chorus perform. They sounded lovely! Everyone was so well poised. We enjoyed every minute. What a wonderful experience for the SHCC!!!!

  • deb o

    I loved them! I can’t wait to see what they sound like when they grow up-no blow everyone else away! Rounds no less!

  • Well Done South Hadley Children’s Chorus!

  • Madden Lacoste

    It was awsome, everyone did great! I was on the edge of my bed watching everything! I hope the SHCC are one of the two semi-finalists. You’ve got my vote!

  • Judy Pease

    Nice job! Good looking chorus and you stayed in tune!

    Congratulations on a job well done!

    Good luck to you!

  • Jefferson Hunter

    Bravo to the South Hadley Children’s Chorus! Excellent spirit and diction–you could hear every word they sang.

  • Shannon Gurek

    Fabulous job!! I’m very proud!

  • Joanne

    Wow! Beautiful voices. I’ve been humming Gypsy Rover all night after watching the show!

  • Vida

    Great performance! Awesome singing and wonderful voices!

  • Luella

    Wonderful sounds! Great job! Good Diction!

  • Z

    What beautiful voices! I loved the energy, poise, and ease with which they sang challenging songs.

  • Josepha

    Wow — what beauty they created! Thank you to all the singers! I so enjoyed the two songs, especially “Gypsy Rover”. I am so impressed with the children’s voices, blend and their focus. Here’s my vote!

  • M

    Outstanding! I agree with Z, the pieces are not easy and the rendition is powerful. it is always a joy to watch and hear people who enjoy what they do! Way to go, you’ve got my vote!

  • Lori

    Fantastic job!

  • Robert

    Well done! I was extremely impressed.

  • I am proud of you. You did a fine job!

  • K

    Very well done!

  • Bill

    Very good. Loved the yellow shirts. Gave ’em a 92 out of 100

  • K. Boissonneault

    What a delight to watch such talented youth in musical ensemble.

  • j. bellerose

    I am a fan of the so hadley children’s chorus!
    This was marvelous.

  • Alice Bellerose

    The performance of the South Hadley Children’s Choir was the best I’ve ever seen.

  • Bruce Gaulin

    Great show!
    Great kids!

  • Don. Boissonneault

    Nice job, singers.

  • PAm Hunter

    Great performance– great diction, in tune, and polished!

  • Carol Hebert

    Congratulations to a well prepared group of children. Talent, work, love of music, and commitment were readily apparent. You have my vote 100%.

  • Very well done…the soloist in the second song was magnificent!…Wish it was longer!

  • Ellen Downing Gould

    Beautiful! So nice to see and hear!

  • As usual, this was an excellent performance by a group of very talented children led by a dedicated, enthusiastic and supportive director. Mrs. Melhorn has introduced her group to wonderfully wide range of music influences. It is wonderful to follow the performances. Thank you for much enjoyment.

  • Jinghua

    Very good job! I found a lot of familar faces. They are lovely. Sarah, Shane, Sean, Mary? Mary is the first one from right to left in the third row. There are also second and fourth grade kids from our school. Cheers!

  • Dorote

    What a fantastic performance! I am very impressed that at this age everyone in the choir looked and sang with such professionalism and these were not easy pieces to sing! Good luck to these kids and you have my heartfelt vote!

  • Melody

    Beautiful, beautiful performance!

  • Jen

    Well done SHCC, you all looked great and sounded beautiful!!!!!!!!! GO SHCC !!!!

  • Lee Ann

    Great job to everyone! You sound fantastic!!!

  • Monica

    Way to go guys… all your hard work and dedication shows. Outstanding job to all involved! Your singing, as usual, was wonderful.

  • Jeanne Tripp

    Fantastic job, SHCC!!! Two challenging songs navigated beautifully!

  • Granita Ramsay

    Wonderful to see such a beautiful group of faces and hear such an amazing choral offering. You brought us great joy. Please keep up the good work. Thank you. Papa John and Granita Ramsay

  • Christina Chartier

    Beautiful performance! Great job, South Hadley Choral Group.

  • Jim Fitts

    Great job South Hadley! Obviously well prepared and well coached. Hip hip Hurray for Cathy and her children of the South Hadley Children’s Chorus. They have my vote!!

  • Emily

    What a wonderful group of children with such a refreshing sound! Great Job, SHCC!

  • Willy Black

    There is nothing more satisfying than a group of children performing…… What a terrific group. Glad to see Wynn is following in Daddy’ footsteps….now put a trombone in his hands….

  • Please vote for this video my nieces are in!!!

  • Candy Cross

    O.K. Cathy, I’m so glad to have found this. But now I’m going to cry remembering Eben singing Gypsy Rover. Keep up the great work

  • Senior Pickle


    So many alert faces…Cathy, your SHCC kids must practice the way they perform.

  • hannah

    Well I don’t have a tv in my room, but I sure did sit on the edge of my couch watching!

  • Glenda Goodman

    What a joy to see these children enjoying making music together! They truly deserve this honor, I hope they are able to share their talents on live television.

  • Lenore Elderkin

    What a wonderful choir! I loved the beautiful harmony at the end of the second song.

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