Nathaniel G. Baker, Choral Director

“River in Judea,” music by Jack Feldman
Genre: Gospel Swing

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  • Very good looking group.

  • Dave

    One of the better ones

  • Marisol L

    Congratulations to The Choral Club of Hartford.

    They look and sound very good ,like real proffesionals

    God Bless Them !!

  • Edwin Lomerson

    The Choral Club of Hartford, 104 years old and still “LIVE.” I love that gospel swing!

  • David Garnes

    Sounding and looking good!

  • Jackie A.

    Very commendable. An all male choral society is pretty rare these days. I’d give you a thumbs up but I don’t belong to facebook.

  • Natasha U.

    Thumbs up for The Choral Club of Hartford.

  • Brenda

    I like this one. The piece is a winner! Good luck.

  • Anne

    Very nice work. I think the sound is a lot better than the video work, which is has too much zooming in and out and all around. I vote for this performance.

  • Pauline Treloar

    Beautiful — I enjoyed it so much that I put it in my Favorites. Now I can go to it and listen to them sing whenever I want to. Good luck.

  • Presto

    Enjoyed it! You’ve got my vote!

  • Tee

    Great performance!

  • Ana Carolina

    That was AMAZING!!! Congratulatiosn to the Choral Club of Hartford.

  • Gig

    Saw the program last night. Kudos to all the groups. I vote for the Choral Club of Hartford.

  • Peter

    Thumbs up for The Choral Club!

  • Matthew D.

    My vote goes to all the guys in The Choral Club of Hartford. I sang with them after I got back from Iraq (two tours with the Marines) and before I headed off to graduate school. Good work and keep that 104 year tradition going strong.

  • Alex

    What a good idea for a TV show. I vote for the Choral Club of Hartford.

  • Beth G.

    Channel surfing pays off. Liked the show. My vote goes to The Choral Club of Hartford. Thank you.

  • Anne L.

    Nice show. I wish I could get a copy of it. The Choral Club of Hartford gets my vote.

  • Thomas

    The Choral Club of Hartford singing up there at Springfield Public Broadcasting. Bravo. You get my vote. Can’t wait for the Spring concert in May!

  • Susan Butterfield

    You’d think CT Public TV could come up with an idea this good, but Springfield beat them to it. I’m glad my cable system carries both channels. I’ll vote for The Choral Club of Hartford.

  • Very nice. Glad to hear you are all still singing.
    Karen Bachman, West Hartford Women’s Chorale

  • No question about it! Go CCoH!

  • Eleanor L.

    CCOH Rocks! See you in the finals.

  • Nancy C.

    I have enjoyed your concerts for years. My vote goes to The Choral Club of Hartford

  • Tom B.

    My wife and I like your style. We vote for The Choral Club of Hartford.

  • James B.

    Excellent. You have my vote. Best wishes in the next round.

  • Jean

    I passed this link onto my friends to come listen. Very nice. You get my vote.

  • K8

    “River In Judea” is my favorite CCoH song by far- great job as usual! You’ve got my vote!

  • Sal

    Another fine performance by the Choral Club of Hartford! Add my vote!

  • Excellent performance! Go Choral Club of Hartford! You earned my vote. 🙂

  • Brenda Morassini

    Wonderful, enjoyed so much!!

  • Lynn K.

    Beautiful harmony!

  • Patricia J.

    Bravo!! Wonderful job gentlemen!

  • Elizabeth Cantu

    I love this group! It is amazing that a singing group has been around this long and still sounds great.

  • Christopher Cantu

    They have my vote for sure!

  • Donna Vellucci

    Nice job. You can tell that they sing with their hearts and souls. Beautiful sound.

  • Lee H.

    I vote for the Choral Club of Hartford! You all look so spiffy and sound great too!

  • Bob B

    Jazzy looking group and sound. Their May concert in West Hartford should be great. ChoralClubofHartford.ORG

  • lynda

    Love the way you “fellas” bring the song home…
    nice job…you get my vote…way to go.
    Keep singing your hearts out.

  • Dan

    Very nice performance. My compliments to the Club and my vote for the Club.

  • Virginia Lomerson

    A real toe-tapper. My vote for this group.

  • George Rallen

    Like your sound and power. I vote for the choral club!

  • Henry Steenburgh

    I’ve been to many concerts. Good job guys. Another vote for the Choral Club of Hartford.

  • Meg L.

    I agree with Henry. Unique harmony; a vote for The Choral Club of Hartford.

  • Sam Lomerson

    Bravo for The Choral Club! Can’t wait for the next concert. Count my vote for this group.

  • Bill Gerdson

    Yes!! This is pretty good. My vote for the choral club.

  • Rob. H.

    I listened to all the adult groups. I vote for the Choral Club of Hartford to go on to the next round. Yes.

  • Gerri P.

    Way to go! Great performance. You definitely get my vote.

  • Kate Winslow

    Three cheers and a vote for the Choral Club.

  • Seth L.

    Great activity. Go Choral Club

  • Leslie Starr

    Wonderful music. A vote for The Choral Club of Hartford.

  • Joyce

    Very good and absolutely immense. Go Choral Club.

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