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Westhampton, MA

Directors: Christopher Bassett, Devin McNulty, and Cameron Cote

“Rolling in The Deep” by Adele

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  • so proud of these kids <3

  • Honored to say that I know a few of them 🙂 tight harmonies and creative way of substituting percussion

  • Fantastic! love the shot of chris doin his thing at one point

  • kelsyduran8

    Very good job, the chorus was overcoming the solo in many parts but it still sounded amazing because of the tight harmonies, loved the way everyone was concentrated, and moved together!

  • wow this group is so good they should be on the sing off. and what was that harmony over the soloist at the very end? glorious, that’s what it was.

  • Love our little school’s Insingeraiders. (:

  • Awesome job! I loved the harmonies!

  • GO DEVIN! <3

  • Go Hampshire go!

  • gaaaa thanks angie <3

  • Jman10

    Wow. A complete ensemble performance. The components fit well, the transitions are solid. Like how the dynamics and choreography back the harmonic motion. Really, really nice. Good with eyes open or closed.

  • Wow! That was exciting! Impressive vocals from the soloist, artfully supported by this finely tuned group! You look great, too! I like the mix of apparel tied together with the blues and whites… uniform but still individual. Nice work all around!

  • april10april

    this is a very well put together ensemble, good job to the directors. if i’m not mistaken, the directors are students, and they should be happy they’ve done such good work at such a young age.

  • Great job! Sweet strong harmonies, awesome soloist, fun choreography (given you are limited to the bleachers!) Go Insingeraiders!

  • Awesome track gang. Good Luck.

  • ray454hand

    Absolutely wonderful — the best 3:22 I’ve experienced in a while. I love the fact that the group is coordinated and produced by THE students. You should all be very proud!

  • Amy

    Wow! Amazing! I want to hear more!

  • It just gets better and better…stirs the soul.

  • Makes me feel like I’m watching Glee.
    The main singer actually sounds like Adele!
    Very professional as well, I’d love to hear more of their music.

  • Wow; This is amazing – I just keep replaying it!

  • All I can say is….Awesome!!

  • great!

  • wow you guys rock

  • i want to hear more!!!!! <3

  • OMFG! This was extremely amazing! That is one skilled school up there~!

  • This was amazing! Sounds alot like the original and very well done! Incredible!!! 😀

  • mugdha mohapatra

    Really awesome

  • LadyDawn The Writer

    Wow very strong voices with no music I am very impressed. Great work!

  • Thumbs Up!

  • Amazing!

  • Amazing!

  • Cuuute, good luck

  • Wow she has an amazing voice and the rest work beautifully to create this nice beat. Overall you guys created an awesome vibe heck it made my morning =)

  • Liminiara

    Amazingly Awesome…!!! Like Seriously!! 😀

  • Wow, this was AMAZING! 🙂

  • Two thumbs up, five stars it’s all the same it’s brilliant!

  • Sarah Bannister

    Wow! that was sooo good! 🙂

  • pink pia

    Really good!!

  • Lovely group! Go Hampshire!

  • Fun! I loved it. And so impressed that not only it is directed by students but also that a student did the arrangement!

  • B

    This was really amazing but it seemed way too rushed.

  • i love the song great job!!!!!!

  • This program is sponsored in part by:

    Additional support is provided by: A grant from The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts from the Raymond E. and Mildred G. Clark Foundation Fund and the Members of WGBY.