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Dalton, MA

Director: Ann-Marie Desautelle

“And This Shall Be For Music” Words by R. L. Stevenson and Music by Marylynn Lightfoot

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  • I think you sound amazing!! I am so proud of you all!

  • WOW! I am blown away by this! Awesome job kiddos and awesome job Mrs. Desautelle!!!

  • Good job!

  • Fortlage58

    Awesome job! You guys Rock!!!!

  • Fantastic job!

  • Margit Hotchkiss

    WOW – wonderful, wonderful job – what amazing voices! You obviously worked SO hard – and it shows! Congratulations and keep singing.

  • Great job!

  • Robert Putnam

    Great work by all.

  • Melissa Campbell

    Wonderful! The diction and dynamics are outstanding. Congratulations to you all!

  • Gina Hyams

    Best of luck!

  • Wonderfully done. Congratulations

  • Great work all of you! You sounded amazing!

  • Workin’ your magic Ann Marie! Awesome!

  • Awesome, as usual! I miss you guys!

  • cabradshaw

    No surprise here, Mrs. Desautelle. The kids have so beautifully displayed their individual and collective talent under your steady direction and encouragement. Kudos to all!

  • l0v3pc3mus1c

    Wow 🙂 I remeber being in that spot at one point about 4 years ago haha. Mrs. Desautelle you never dissappoint 🙂 they sound great and I cant wait to come back to hear them for the fall concert of 2012. 🙂 I will miss my spot as a soprano but since I came to central Berkshire I have sung every part at least once and I have gotten. So much more familiar with music thanks to you. You really are a gift to us kids and I’m thankful and proud to be able to say that my choral teacher is Ann Marie Desautelle. 🙂 I will be back to visit no doubt. I will be at every concert for years to come. 🙂

  • hHAHAHAHAH ilook like a complete idiot 😛 but we did pretty goooooooood

  • George Desmarais

    Great job Nessacus Middle School! You’ve got my vote. Not only did you sing well but you look terrific in your awesome blue shirts.

  • This program is sponsored in part by:

    Additional support is provided by: A grant from The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts from the Raymond E. and Mildred G. Clark Foundation Fund and the Members of WGBY.