Springfield, MA

Director: Dr. E. Wayne Abercrombie

“Three Quotes by Mark Twain” by Andrea Ramsey

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  • Gregory

    they are so cute I love that they move around and sing fun songs

  • Meghan

    that is the corest I’min but I couldn’t go . I hope they win!!!

  • disqus_xKCWB2PKgq

    Great Job! I love how energetic they were and how each child appeared to have a great time singing!

  • Just Loved it!, these kids have got some great talent.

  • Good job everyone! You worked hard and your efforts shone through!

  • I vote for the Children’s Chorus of Springfield. They’re exactly what our city needs!

  • lpaulbak

    I vote for Children’s Chorus of Springfield. Great work!

  • Janet Varnon

    I vote for the Children’s Chorus of Springfield. I loved the kids excitement.

  • I vote for the Children’s Chorus of Springfield! They are wonderful!

  • Meri Blanchard

    I love these kids–their spunk as well as their voices. I vote for the Children’s Chorus of Springfield–(twice, if I could!)

  • One vote for the Chiodren’s Chorus of Springfield. Bravo!

  • Phyllis and Chad

    Love this song! Great job CCS

  • I vote for CCS.

  • John Mueller

    I vote for the Children’s Chorus of Springfield. What wonderful ambassadors for this great city!

  • I vote for these wonderful, hard working kids of Springfield!

  • I vote for the Springfield childrens chorus. Great Job!

  • I vote for the Spfld Children’s chorus for sure!

  • I vote for the Springfield Childrens Chorus!

  • Gail Mejias

    CCS Rocks! You are wonderful!

  • CCS sings with so much heart! Love you all!!! You got my vote!

  • Congratulations CCS — You have my vote!

  • Fantastic!! You have my vote!

  • CCS has my vote

  • Quite original…good diction!

  • This program is sponsored in part by:

    Additional support is provided by: A grant from The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts from the Raymond E. and Mildred G. Clark Foundation Fund and the Members of WGBY.