Hadley, MA

Director: Irina Yakub

“Cantar” by Jay Althouse

About Director Irina Yakub
Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

Irina Yakub received her Master’s Degree in Choral Conducting from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where she studied with Dr. Wayne Abercrombie. She also holds her Master’s Degree in Music Education from Moscow Pedagogical University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Theory from Lviv State Music College. Irina Yakub was a singer and an assistant conductor for the Harmony Gospel Choir in Amherst and Choral Director of the UMass Women’s Choir. She also was a guest conductor for the Voronezh Youth Theater Choir (Russia), the UMass Chorale and the Modern Music Festival in L’viv, Ukraine. Irina Yakub has been a Chorus Director in the Hartsbrook School, Hadley since 1995.

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  • Sandi Arnold

    SPICY! Love the drumming! I admire those with the courage to perform in front of others!

  • jing

    yea!!!!!!!!! hartsbrook!!!!!!

  • Alison MacKinnon

    I vote for Hartsbrook!! Great performance!

  • Amanda Viles

    My vote goes to Hartsbrook! Great job!

  • Alison MacKinnon

    Love the performance and the arrangement is great!!

    I vote Hartsbrook!!

  • Catherine Hopkins

    Great music Hartsbrook! I vote for you!

  • Suellen Walsh-Rother

    Great job Hartsbrook School Chorus!

  • disqus_ZmA1C3RHjZ

    I love Hartsbrook!

  • disqus_ZmA1C3RHjZ

    My vote goes to Hartsbrook!

  • lesley farlow

    i vote for hartsbrook

  • Kim Collins

    Great performance Hartsbrook chorus! I vote for you!

  • Miles Hertr

    Great work Irena and Chorus!

  • Elizabeth H. Jenkins

    Great music. My vote is for you.

  • Vesna Vasovic

    Great performance!I vote for Hartsbrook!!!

  • Sara Tarvin

    Hartsbrook!! 🙂

  • Suellen Walsh-Rother

    I vote for this group!

  • Margaret Evans

    So enjoyed this performance – I definitely vote for Hartsbrook!

  • Karen Horak

    Great job Hartsbrook!

  • Heather Damon

    Hurray for Hartsbrook!

  • Christine Andrews

    Congratulations, Hartsbrook students and Ms. Yakub! I vote for you.

  • Kathryn Fanelli

    Wonderfully sung! Well done!

  • Nicole Romer

    What a beautiful song. Thank you Irina Yakub!

  • Maryellen DiLuzio

    Awesome job Hartsbrook. I vote for you!!!!!

  • Joyce Belanger-Eichacker

    LOVE THIS!!! I vote for HARTSBROOK!!!

  • Jan Baudendistel

    Great song, great rhythms. Well done! I vote for Hartsbrook!

  • mjteichacker1

    Great sound, Hartsbrook! You have my vote!

  • mjteichacker1

    Hartsbrook team of singers are great. I vote for you.

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