North Adams, MA

Director: J. Cottle

“Let Everything That Hath Breath” by Twinkie Clark

About Director J. Cottle
Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

J.Cottle founded the Allegrettos his freshman year and has lead the group over the years as its President, A Capella Music Director and Gospel Director, and was recognized last year as the Executive Board Member Of the Year in the same year the Allegrettos were named Club of the Year by the MCLA community. A music and arts management major, one day Cottle hopes to become an educator and strives to one day run his own professional choir. Kelsy Duran, a sophomore psychology major is working towards continuing and improving on his legacy by infusing spiritual and Latin influences into the group’s musical repertoire.

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  • The MCLA Allegrettos are my favorite choice…Love their spirit and voices…

  • the mcla allegrettos sound awesome… their my pick.

  • The MCLA Allegrettos are incredible! This is only one example of thier talent and vocal control. We need to see more of them at the LIVE Showcase.

  • The Allegrettos have my vote! They sound amazing and the enthusiasm with which they do their work is incredible.

  • Jamiece

    My vote is for the MCLA Allegrettos


    My vote is for allegrettos at mcla!! Great!!


    My vote is for mcla allegrettos! They r great!!


    My vote is for mcla allegrettos! They r great!! From sue blackburn


    My vote is allegrettos from mcla! They r veryvery good! I loved the song! From jaimee b


    My vote mcla allegrettos! Excellent! From peggie quimby


    My vote is mcla allegrettos! Great!! From derrick m

  • Jordan Wynn

    My vote is for the MCLA Allegrettos. you guys a amazing!!!

  • Definately MCLA Allegrettos! <3

  • jk

    My vote is for the mcla allegrettos

  • My vote is for the MCLA Allegrettos. Always and forever!

  • J D

    I vote for mcla allegrettos

  • B D

    I voted for mcla allegrettos!

  • P. N.

    I vote for MCLA Allegrettos…awesome

  • Unbelievable sound! WTG Allegrettos, you get my vote!

  • Brenda Dunn

    Love, love, love the Allegrettos!!!

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    Additional support is provided by: A grant from The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts from the Raymond E. and Mildred G. Clark Foundation Fund and the Members of WGBY.