Pioneer Valley Area

Director: Tony Lechner

“Shed a Little Light” by James Taylor

About Director Tony Lechner
Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

Tony Lechner is an award-winning director, composer, performer, and educator who brings passion and energy to his music and the groups he works with. Tony specializes in vocal harmonies, and makes learning music easy to understand and fun to do. Tony has a master’s degree in jazz composition and arranging, which is quite handy when it comes to putting together charts for the choir. Combine that with 20+ years’ experience transcribing and teaching the incredibly complex music of Take 6 and the Real Group to choirs of all ages and you have the recipe for one great singing experience!

Lechner is the creator of 5-Alone, the incredible high school jazz a cappella group that won numerous awards and performed around the globe. He created the Valley Jazz Choir (and the Valley Rock Choir) to provide people of all ages with more opportunities to sing.

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  • disqus_QEEGweqReN

    That was very moving.

  • NF

    Great performance from the Valley Rock Choir!

  • G welly

    Yes. Keep going!

  • wonderful

  • Rock on! Love it.

  • Marvelous, uplifting.

  • Wonderful! Love the music and the singers are amazing!

  • Great sound!

  • They are awesome

  • LisB

    Simply the best.

  • jackie v


  • Neil Nixon

    Great harmony – Best of Luck

  • Wishbird

    Excellent and inspirational!

  • Barbara Rutkowski

    Beautiful! Love it!

  • We first heard this on an episode of West Wing. This group is wonderful! Valley Rock Choir rocks!

  • vmsullivan

    Great harmonies and spirit – we love this group!
    Ginny Sullivan and Brown Williams

  • Beautiful Music! This choir does an amazing job!

  • Lynne Brill

    Love this group. They need to perform at the Paramount for sure!

  • Kristi

    My first time hearing them! Love, love, love! Hope to hear them again soon!

  • Sue Bricker

    I vote yes for this group. Joyous musical sound.

  • Jill

    Voting for you – awesome!

  • michelle

    They’ve got my vote!!

  • Jaime Ginsberg

    You have my vote!

  • Andrea

    You have my vote!

  • great, this group has my vote. shed a little light!!!!

  • fran

    sounds great- you have my vote!

  • I vote for this group

  • JDS

    Amazing group; beautiful song. I vote for the Valley Rock Choir!

  • Elona

    I vote for these guys

  • SalandGary

    Great sound, thanks! You get our vote!

  • Valley Rock Choir “She a Little Light” gets my vote

  • Saw them at the holidays….great show

  • mary smith

    Very Nice!

  • carol van de water

    nice job

  • jen nardi

    they get my vote!


    Fantastic! You have my vote. Thanks for sharing your gifts of song with us.


    You have my vote.

  • MJS

    Beautiful! You have my vote!

  • Heather Larabee

    Amazing! You have my vote!

  • Don Walker

    A wonderful rendition of a moving song. Yea!

  • lily

    I vote for this group

  • Simon

    Amazing! This group should win!


    My vote goes to the Valley Rock Choir for sure!

  • Wendy

    Valley Rock “Rocks!” Get’s my vote 🙂

  • Audrey

    You made my day. Very inspirational and beautifully sung.

  • carol simon

    Valley Rock Choir! celebrated the holiday with their music. Made my day!

  • Michelle

    Wow! Great song, very well done. They get my vote!

  • David

    Valley Rock Chore has my vote

  • Melissa Donahue

    I want to vote for Valley Rock Choir.

  • mona koenig-kroner

    Valley Rock Choir gets my vote!! Rock on,,,

  • Great harmony and sound – Valley Rock Choir gets my vote!

  • Valley Rock Choir rocks!!

  • Karen Kearns

    Wow!! Love Valley Rock and what a beautiful song

  • VRC gets my vote

  • Sue Perlman

    Very Professional sounding. I’m impressed!

  • Josh Kroner

    neat vocal arrangement and really fun to listen to! I vote for Valley Rock Choir to move on.

  • whybaby


  • whybaby

    I vote for Valley Rock Choir.

  • Fabulous!! You have my vote!

  • Betsy Frederick

    I think you guys are great!

  • Elizabeth Blunt

    Excellent rendition of “Shed a Little Light”. You’ve got my vote. BB

  • “Well done” to the Valley Rock Choir. Beautiful tone and wonderful harmonies. They blew the completion away. Love the song choice, too.

  • Wonderful song, great harmonies!

  • Ted Mendoza

    yay Valley Rock Choir! sing it brothas & sistas!

  • np

    Valley Rock Choir Rocks!!!

  • Richard Seelig

    Thrilling performance!

  • disqus_G6YNaMA2L8

    inspiring and uplifting…..we want more!

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