Amherst, MA

Director: Morning Star Chenven

“N’Kosi Sikelel’i Afrika” by E.M. Sontonga

About Director Morning Star Chenven
Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

Morning Star Chenven is a choral director, singer/songwriter, poet and educator. She has directed Wings! since its inception, approx. 10 years ago and she also directs a small community chorus in Wendell. She performs with the musical group “”Moonlight and Morning Star”” bringing multicultural music and spoken word to all ages of people.

She believes in the power of song to inspire and bring joy to people. Her choruses are non-auditioned, providing the inexperienced and experienced singer an opportunity to lift their voice in song.

Morning Star attended the High School of Music and Art, Oberlin College and Antioch New England Graduate School. She has taught music courses at Western New England College and offers creativity workshops to people of all ages.

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  • Nicely done!

  • Beautiful! 🙂

  • Excellent! And I see some familiar faces! Wow

  • Gordon Dean

    Wings! sings with discipline and emotional engagement. They get my vote tonight.

  • Kate O’Kane

    Beautiful, heart-felt and inspiring! Love you, Wings!

  • Beautifully done! How many times may I vote?

  • I appreciate the commitment WINGS have to learning another culture through the power of music and song. Good job WINGS women.

  • Beautifully done. Good song choice, for it vocal variety and human interest. Thanks!

  • Wings! gets my vote-such spirit.

  • Susan Roitman

    WINGS gets my vote. So beautiful!!!

  • wgby57

    Hi Tom: you can vote once for each song. Any duplicate voes will not be counted in the finale tally.

  • Don Walker

    Lovely harmony…….

  • Go Wings!

  • Shay Cooper

    very beautiful. Hope you win.

  • Gail Weirick

    Beautiful, WINGS! You sound wonderful and you clearly love singing together!

  • Karl Moore

    Great Job!

  • Carol Kline

    A wonderful group singing beautiful songs!

  • Marla Michel

    Good luck, WINGS!!

  • Barbara Willig

    Wings you are just terrific! Beautiful sound – beautiful song.

  • Great job

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