Westminster, VT
Director: Lisa Bianconi
Kurn Hattin Homes Select Choir Official Website

“These Green Mountains (Vermont State Song)” Diane Martin, arr. by Rita Buglass Gluck
“We Shall Overcome”
Lisa Bianconi, Conductor

The Kurn Hattin Select Choir is composed of boys and girls in grades 6-8. They perform throughout the region. Through the healing power of music, Kurn Hattin’s students, who live and attend school in the charitable facility for children in need on our 280 acre campus, are able to build confidence and overcome the adversity of their childhood and go on to lead enriched lives. Music has been an integral part of our organization since 1924. Most of the choir members perform in one or more of the bands.

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  • Lisa Bianconi

    So proud to be a director of these amazing students. They inspire me more than words can express, My love and heart goes out to each of them every day. Bravo Kurn Hattin Select Choir!!!!!!!

  • Karen Anderson Lansberry

    I voted. As always, so proud of our students and their talent. They really are amazing. And thanks to Lisa & Jenn who do an amazing job with the kids.

  • clint Plante

    Well done, enchanting!

  • Jenny Joslyn

    Absolutely beautiful. I believe 5th graders are on this amazing choir as well.. im voteing as often as i can..

  • Fr. Lance W. Harlow

    This performance was so sincere and moving! Their musical selections are always tasteful and inspiring. And, their stage presence is poised and professional! Congratulations to their director, Mrs. Bianconi, who can inspire these children to travel to Massachusetts in a school bus and perform in front of TV cameras!!

  • This program is sponsored in part by:

    Additional support is provided by: A grant from The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts from the Raymond E. and Mildred G. Clark Foundation Fund and the Members of WGBY.