Amandla Choir

Greenfield, MA

Eveline MacDougall, Director

A. “Freedom Is Coming” (Composer unknown)
Genre: International Freedom Music

B. “Each Child” by Eveline MacDougall
Genre: International Freedom Music

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  1. I vote for Amandla!

  2. Another vote for Amandla!

  3. I vote for Amandla

  4. You did a very good job!

  5. Their singing always lifts our spirits. They have my vote.

  6. their singing soars to celestial realms. they have my vote.

  7. I vote for Amandla!

  8. I cast my vote for the Amandla Community Chorus, whose beautiful members bring us inspiring songs of peace, joy, and the struggle for freedom.

  9. A very moving performance. Amandla has my vote!

  10. I vote for Amandia Community Chorus

  11. Amandla has my vote. They make singing out for freedom, peace, and justice look like fun and sound like joy.

  12. Another vote for Amandla! they’re wonderful

  13. Uplifting and joyful – they have my vote!

  14. Did not know what the word Amandla meant. (Wikipedia defines it as the Xhosa and Zulu word for ‘power’.)
    Thought the singing was fine. 90/100. Wished for more of a contrast between the two pieces.

  15. Loved this chorus. It definitely has my vote.

  16. Another vote for social justice through music!

  17. Thank you for this thoughtful and instructive comment!

  18. Amandia gets my vote! Congratulations, Michael, my brother!

  19. another vote for Amandla

  20. They definately have my vote!!!

  21. I vote for Amandla!

  22. I like!
    You’ve got my vote!

  23. Amandla! o yes I know! has my vote!

  24. Amandla chorus rocks! They have my vote, OH YES!

  25. Amandla is amazing! They have my vote! 😀

  26. Great intonation and spirit. Amandla has my vote.

  27. Wonderful! Amandla has my vote!

  28. Wonderful group. They have my vote!! Way to go Michelle.

  29. Elizabeth Farnsworth March 21, 2011 at 4:33 pm


  30. Amandla is joyful, powerful and tender.

  31. I’ve enjoyed every performance I’ve seen by Amandla

  32. I vote for Amandla. Your music inspires us to be hopeful about working for peace and justice.

  33. I vote for Amandla, just beautiful. Great job

  34. I vote for Amandala

  35. I vote Amandala! Awesome job!

  36. Wonderful! I love it. Amandala has my vote!

  37. i love amandala! got my vote.

  38. very beautifully done Amandala, you have my vote!

  39. Such an amazing performance – as it is every time I hear them. I vote for Amandla.
    Hazel Dawkins, Greenfield

  40. Checkin’ in from New Orleans, Amandla gets my vote, y’all!

  41. Amandla is inspiring, and gets my vote!

  42. I vote for Amandla!

  43. I vote for Amandla!

  44. Amandlla gets my vote!

  45. I’m voting for Amandlla.

  46. Hands down my favorite choir.

  47. Brava! Very well done & moving the spirit!

  48. Amandla has my vote!

  49. Amandla has always touched my soul.

  50. The Best Group I’ve heard so far. Great sound, appearance and inspiring.

  51. Amandla sounds great, looks great and continues to inspire!!

  52. Amandla is a gift to our community. They have my vote.

  53. I am a fan.

  54. Beautiful! I vote Amandla!


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    Additional support is provided by: A grant from The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts from the Raymond E. and Mildred G. Clark Foundation Fund and the Members of WGBY.