Lenox, MA

Andrea Goodman, Choral Director

Cherubic Hymn by Dmitri Bortniansky
Genre: Russian Liturgical Music

Watch a video clip from this Choir’s director.

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  1. One word: Great. Great conducting. 96/100

  2. Yeah Mrs. Verdi,
    You guys sound wonderful and I really like the song choice, although a little dry for my tastes it really accentuates your chorus.
    In short, brilliant.

  3. This choir sounds amazing! The singing is so sensitive and this piece brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!

  4. Christine Campbell April 14, 2011 at 11:14 pm

    This choir sounds wonderful. They definitely have MY VOTE!!!

  5. Excellent!

  6. really beautiful…I wasn’t familiar with the music but I certainly was carried off on a fine cloud. Got my vote.

  7. It is not Barbershop…..It is absolutely wonderful!!!
    From a Sweet Adeline

  8. choir is a pleasure. lovely sound

  9. Cantilena Chamber Choir has my thumbs up for their presentation . Beautiful music and harmony!

    Ruth Heuberger, Great Barrington

  10. Love the Russian! Wonderful choir.

  11. wonderful choir Top noch.

  12. what a beautiful sound, the choir is fabulous!

  13. Fantastic! I especially like the deep bass sounds projecting from the ensemble – it almost sounds like a bassoonist is in the Choir. The overall balance is lovely and the varying nuances give this group my vote for a most superb performance.

  14. To sing in Russian was a very bold move. I admire their confidence. They didn’t sing an easy old standard. “A+” for originality.

  15. Excellent performance. They get my vote.

  16. Excellent performance — obviously the winner of this competition!

  17. excellent choir!

  18. And everyone seems to be enjoying the singing. Great conducting, Andrea!

  19. Great sound. Bravo!!

  20. Bravo! This choir should Win!

  21. Loved your harmony. You all blend so well. Great listening and hope you win.

  22. You have got to be kidding? Russian! Wow, truly spectacular performance!!!

  23. Bravissimo Cantilena!

  24. These guys are the real Magoos! Nice.

  25. Looooooove!!!!! These guys are FANTASTIC!

  26. What a performance, and what heavenly music. I would love to hear how they sound live…

  27. Great choir, you have my vote

  28. Beautiful sound! You have my vote.


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