Amherst, MA

Elaine Broad Ginsberg, Choral Director

A. “An Irish Blessing” by James Moore, jr.
Genre: Sacred Choral
B. “Akanamandla”  (composer unknown)
Genre: Zulu Freedom Song

Watch a video from this ensemble’s director.

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  1. Hampshire College Chorus

  2. My vote goes to them 😛

  3. On basis of their sound, would give them a 93 out of a possible 100. Thought the dynamics were good. Not crazy about the wear- whatever- you- like look, although everybody did look nice.

  4. This group is excellent!

  5. SO BEAUTIFUL! This was amazing…wonderful job!! 🙂

  6. I’m so proud of my group!

  7. I ‘ve been needing a good shot of “nice”. This definitely qualifies! Thanks for the open hearts and positive vibrations.

  8. Took my breathe away! I love the Black & Red theme – all the students looked like professionals!

  9. All the students looked like professionals!

  10. Hampshire uniqueness!!! Each person in a different attire as an expression of their individuality,
    singing beautifully together, BRAVO !!!

  11. This group is brilliant. The kind of uniqueness that you expect from Hampshire College.
    I’d pay money to come and watch these guys and girls perform. Brilliant job you guys!

  12. They sound great – they look like they’re having fun – they are doing lots of multi-cultural music – what more could you ask for!


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