Westhampton, MA

Rebecca Phelps, Choral Director


“The Bartered Bride” by Bedrich Smetana
Genre: 20th Century Opera

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  2. I saw them live once, on a Friday actually, changed my whole view of music.


  4. love them

  5. LAWLZ

  6. They are even better than my favorite pair of jeans.

  7. I love this group!

  8. (:

  9. I went to a concert last month and was BLOWN AWAY.

  10. I adore them.

  11. these people are wonderful and everyone should vote for them
    and i wish i could be there…

  12. fantastic

  13. Awesome! Beautiful!

  14. What an amazing group of talented young women!! They deserve to go all the way.

  15. What a fabulous job. Perfection!

  16. What a polished and spirited performance! And in Czech no less! Beautifully done!

  17. I’m proud of you, Maghi.

  18. I’ve seen them perform many times. They always do quality repertoire and they do it well.

  19. They sounded simply angelic–great job!

  20. Wow. I had chills by the end of the song. Entirely powerful!!!!

  21. YES!!!

  22. Fabulous! Well Done!

  23. Fantastic sound and song choice! I’m very impressed.

  24. These gals sing way beyond their years. Fabulous!! Encore!!

  25. Even better than when I saw them in person. Every one of them so concentrated and engaged.

  26. Bravo! Great sound and focus.

  27. I think you ladies sound GREAT!

  28. Writing as a completely unprejudiced grandmother, I thought this group’s singing was outstanding–from pitch to poise.

  29. HRHS IS AWESOME!!! You are totally going to the next level!! mesno toasty….

  30. You’re not alone, you’re on television! (Yay!)

  31. Lovely, lovely job! So well done. Congrats.

  32. Vibrant, engaged, musical. Brava, ladies!

  33. So lovely!! So many talented people singing so well (once again). Love to hear you all sing 😉

  34. WAY TO REPRESENT i go to Hampshire and the music programs rule chorus and band

  35. This group is so boss, definitely deserve to win.


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