Hatfield, MA

Kathy Marks, Choral Director


“Woke Up This Morning (Freedom Song)” Arranged by Cynthia Gray
Genre: Gospel Swing

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  1. Great job! Definitely my favorite Children’s choir.

  2. Great job with your childrens’ choir. Loved them!!!

  3. Outstanding! This sounded amazing, and I LOVED the smiles and dedication to the song. Well done! I am very impressed!

  4. Great performance!! I loved the energy, enthusiasm and precision.

  5. Great job guys, let’s go to the next round!!,!,!,!,

  6. Just loved the performance….so proud of my students!

  7. Good job guys(: we did fabulous. I have faith we will make it to the next round(:

  8. Beautiful! They all looked so proud and confident and they sounded GREAT!

  9. Excellent upbeat music by young voices, especially the harmony in parts.

  10. FANTASTIC…..HES Chorus ROCKS!!! Great Job guys!! Keep singing!!!

  11. Great Job – shows what young people can do with young voices.


  13. Way to go HES. I’m very impressed with the wonderful vocals I heard.

  14. Amazing! I know you practiced very hard, and it shows! What beautiful voices chorus, keep up the GREAT work!

  15. Great job! Loved the song, well done!

  16. The performance left me dancing. I’m still dancing. You guys rock!

  17. You all look and sound wonderful! Keep up the good work! You got my vote of course!

  18. had lots of fun hope you enjoyed

  19. You guys did an OUTSTANDING job 🙂 keep up the ood work and lets go on to the second round!!!

  20. Great job kids!

  21. You guys rocked!!! hope you get to the next round!!

  22. you guys rocked!!!!! keep up the good work and get to the next round!!!

  23. Ya zach!!!!!!

  24. Go Hatfield!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cause were awesome

  25. Great Job!

  26. You guys were awesome!!

  27. Awesome job !! You all should be proud…Good luck 🙂

  28. What a wonderful performance! Can’t wait for the next round.

  29. Great job nice performance ,looking forward to the play in April

  30. Miya? my best friend ? hi thanks for the comment on our chorusapreciated they zoomed on me like 3 times i was super nervous

  31. great job!

  32. Great job. We are very proud .

  33. It was exciting!!! To watch Ben. I love the song. Everyone sounded great.

  34. Great job singing & with such feeling. loved your performance!

  35. “Woke Up This Morning…” is another Traditional Negro Spiritual; not a gospel. Spirituals were created by slaves; gospel is a 20th century urban form.


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