Worthington, MA

Jeff Hunt, Choral Director


“The Glory of his Promises” by Phillip Kern
Genre: Patriotic

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  1. This is an outstanding group.

  2. They’re the best!

  3. What a great looking group! I know their singing will be spectacular!

  4. Wonderful sounding, heart felt rendition of a powerful song!

  5. Great piece and well done! Stellar accompaniment.

  6. The Hilltown Choral Society works very hard and it shows! Great sound-great job!

  7. Hi, Amy. Was watching the video of the Hilltown group and saw your comment. Wow, how are you… I want to say little girl, but I know you’re not that any more. I’m still teaching ………. English!!! Love it! ….. find me on FB and friend me. Hugs, Lee

  8. This group loves to sing,and their audiences love to listen. Great job!

  9. This group sounded great. The ending of their song was very powerful and moving.

  10. Great job MOM!

  11. Great

  12. Sounded great.

  13. I love this group! Besides their ability to make beautiful music together this group provides a wonderful opportunity to bring strangers from the “hilltowns” together and make them good friends.

  14. Hi Lee,

    So great to see you in print – WOW! It’s been a LONG time! I don’t do the Facebook thing I’m afraid…can’t quite deal with that and live my crazy life! Are you still in Florida? I’m at BCC, BMS, and have a little PMS too! Take care!


  15. Gee thanks Val! (Your 20 bucks is in the mail…)
    ~your loving sister

  16. Great job! It was wonderful to see you all!

  17. Great work!! Very impressed!

  18. Great job! My vote’s for you!

  19. A WONDERFUL performance. I want to hear more!

  20. What a great choral piece! And very well performed.
    An amazing group!

  21. I’m an old fogy and not on Facebook, but I think the Hilltown Choral Group is great!

  22. Even though you don’t sing together regularly throughout the year, I think the performance was wonderful. So good to have the hill towns represented. I only wish you could have sung another song!


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