Longmeadow, MA

Kayla Werlin, Choral Director


“Elijah Rock” by Moses Hogan
Genre: Spiritual

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  1. I was a member of Lyrics from 1978-8- and have never forgotten the experience!! Keep up the outstanding work~

  2. Since when were we *The* Lyrics? Did I miss a memo?

  3. The lyrics sound very good, I vote for them!

  4. Amherst Regional Middle school is way better. They are 14 years old and they may be younger, but have much better song choice. What is this?

  5. I always enjoy listening to such wonderful voices. You can tell that they sing from their hearts.

  6. Bravo! I always enjoy listening to Lyrics’ heartfelt singing. I am proud to be a Lyrics mom.
    You get my vote.

  7. Really nice work! Love the piece!

  8. Doris and Carlos Morales April 8, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    Longmeadow Lyrics rocks!

  9. Hey “Asa,” how about you don’t rip on Lyrics. I will personally hunt you down and make you sing Elijah Rock. Amherst middle school can’t touch Longmeadow.

  10. They were good. They had control over their voices.

  11. I’m from a different group in their category, but OH MY GOD. THIS IS BRILLIANT. Actual chills at 2:45. Outstanding work.

  12. Hahaha, Lyrics is actually one of the top two high school choirs Asa..sooo….you’re dumb.

  13. in Massachusetts* you’re still dumb

  14. Middle school children are no way near this level of music ability….. sorry

  15. Seeing this makes me proud to be a Lyrics alum, once again! As always … fantastic, beautiful singing. 🙂

  16. Outstanding work once again Lyrics!!

  17. awesome job you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you sound amazing as always! LHS LYRICS YOU ROCK 😀 (no pun intended…!)

  18. While all the high school groups performed well, I thought the Lyrics were most outstanding. They get my vote.

  19. I miss being in Lyrics so much! We also sang Elijah Rock when I was in the group!!

  20. Such talented young men and women

  21. I’m so glad to sing with all of you. Never forget the fun we had this year. “Music Alone Shall Live”

  22. Congratulations Longmeadow Lyrics! Outstanding performance!

  23. I agree with Joyce, thumbs up!! good job!!

  24. Superb job! Wonderful harmonies and voice control.

  25. Excellent Job!! Even better live. The “Longmeadow Lyrics” have my vote.

  26. This is tremendous! Well done!

  27. Zack Kalman looks like a stud! Give em a solo

  28. Go Longmeadow and Go Shane…my vote is for Longmeadow.


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