Northern Connecticut & Southern Massachusetts

Todd Lamson, Choral Director

“Georgia May” by: Paul Denniker and Andy Razaf
Genre: Barbershop

Watch a video from this ensemble’s director.

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  1. Good sound, fun to listen to.

  2. Great performance!

  3. Geart group

  4. Nice Barbershop sound! You did it proud!

    You were fun to watch and listen to!

    Good luck to you!

  5. Great singing in the barbershop style. All singers appear to be fully engaged in the song and very much enjoying themselves. Great harmony!

  6. very impressed. the chorus was totally into it, not robotic. Excellent entertainment.

  7. Way to do barbershop proud! You always represent Connecticut so well, Silk City Chorus. Thank you and best wishes.

  8. Great barbershop sound …. typical of the Silk City Chorus.

    Good Luck

  9. Thanks, Manchester for doing Barbershop Proud !!

  10. Nothing like some good old Barbershop to put a smile on your face! Great Job.

  11. Diane Duarte Kreismanis Fiorentino March 20, 2011 at 8:39 am

    Great harmony! These guys put lots of feeling into their song. Well done!

  12. Great job, just one song? Love the sound.

  13. Great sound — want to hear more!

  14. Lots of great faces. Song picked up steam and really exploded at the end. Barbershop is great!

  15. Really enjoyed the performance. They really have a lot of fun.

  16. Way to go Manchester! Nice connected sound. Is that Ed Fritzen in the third row? Hi Ed!


  17. Great representatives of the art. Best wishes!

  18. Awesome as always! Dick Moriarty, the camera loves you!

  19. Great harmony! Silk City Chorus has my vote! Here’s a shout out to Chuck in the last/top row!

  20. sounds great,,, !!! got my vote 🙂

  21. What an ending! Wow! Is it even Possible to hold a note that long?? Tremendous. SPEBSQSA should be calling any day now to get this group a recording contract. (Yes, it’s the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America.) Great job. The least stiff chorus I’ve ever seen! But that’s how’d you’d behave if if were just a quartet, right? 97/100.

  22. Group harmonizes well and looks like they are also enjoying performing for an audience! Keep them singing!!


  24. Great job-

  25. Nice job guys. I,ll vote for that perfomance

  26. Best wishes in the competition to a great BHS chapter, from a long-time friend in the Providence, RI chapter.

  27. The main thing is having fun, and it looked like everyone was. Great job, good sound. Keep it up.

  28. Congrats on a strong performance!

  29. Great sound! Very good barbershop singing—

  30. Stephanie Quirini March 20, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    Such a great performance! One of the best groups around!


  32. Nice job, Manchester singers! I like it!

  33. Betty & Paul McNamara March 20, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    These guys do such a great job! Always love listening to them.

  34. Great energy throughout. Thanks guys for entertaining in true barbershop harmony style. Makes the Barbershop Harmony Society proud!

  35. Nice job, guys. Thanks for representing the barbershop harmony artform.

  36. wow, these guys look like they’re having fun. how great to hear harmony from men of all ages! most enjoyable. we don’t hear enough of this kind of singing.

  37. Great sound guys! Lots of fun. NIce to see guys from all ages singing together and so well. Thats Barbershop!

  38. Good luck to the Silk City Chorus! Gotta love 4 part harmony

  39. needed to correct the website address 🙂

  40. Silk City is great!

  41. The Silk City Chorus is #1 in my book. Great sound and super performance. Leaves you wanting MORE!

  42. Good Job!

  43. Great job. WGBY needs to have you guys on the live show. You bring much more than just singing to your live performance. you bring the stage alive. Good luck and hope to see you on the 30th!

  44. Great job. Great facial expressions. Loved it.

  45. Sing on, Silk City!!!! Good luck with the WGBY contest & hope to see you at Division in upstate NY in a couple of weeks.

  46. Great job, guys. Made me wish I wasn’t in North Carolina. Can’t wait for the next round.

  47. Exciting song, great presentation, everyone is having a good time singing it. Good luck!

  48. What a great performance! The Silk City Chorus has my vote. Ken Distel holding that note for so long at the end was just amazing!

  49. Great job!!! Silk City Chorus sounded Fab-U-lous!!!! I agree with a previous comment, this performance definitely leaves you wanting more.

  50. Bravo!! Bravo!! Great group.

  51. Nice job guys. A lot of fun to watch. If I come down to one of your rehearsals on Monday nights at 7:15 at 385 North Main Street in Manchester, can I do this too? I’ll be there.

  52. Great sound. Looks like everyone is having a fun time.

  53. Great job, very entertaining!

  54. Wow, they sure look like they’re having fun–and they sing pretty well too. Put them together and they’re very entertaining. I think I’d like to sing with them!

  55. Sounds great and Jerry looks great.

  56. All I can say is what a wonderful performance. I have to agree with other comments that note went on forever. Congratulations for showing us all how it is done. Best, Sandi

  57. Nice job! You can sure tell these men enjoy singing and performing. Best wishes to all. Keep singing!

  58. Way to go guys! Good Luck and Congrats to WGBY for recognizing the value of community and singing!

  59. Wonderful performance! You guys are all winners in my book! A special HI to Jerry! Good luck to all!

  60. The Silk City Chorus is at its harmonious best.

  61. Looking good Sounding Great

  62. I have been to many of your shows and have always enjoyed them. you don’t just sing a song, you tell a story! I hope you will have the opportunity to share your storytelling on April 30th. It’s a shame you only sang one song. I wanted to see more!

  63. Marco Escuandolas March 22, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    AWESOME performance!! – look at the passion on his face @ 1:55. These guys are the real deal!!

  64. great energy

  65. Steve,

    I’ve heard you have a great bass voice. You’d be great in a quartet!


  66. Great Sound !

  67. This is my barbershop chorus. I’m in the next-to-top row, on the right.

  68. Great music

  69. Go Todd and the Silk City Chorus!!!

  70. Great sound. Silk City Chorus has my vote………go Jerry!

  71. This group is one of the best things about Manchester. Our family has enjoyed listening to many of their performances throughout Connecticut, and they are an inspiration to our young children. Barbershop is a musical style they wouldn’t otherwise have been exposed to and this group makes it a real pleasure to not only listen, but learn about the craft of how their music comes together. Bravo for a great performance and I hope we keep hearing more!

  72. The Silk City Chorus does the City of Village Charm proud sounding great and having a good time performing………so very entertaining

  73. The Silk City Chorus does the City of Village Charm proud, sounding great and having a good time performing… entertaining!!!!!

  74. Sounds great Go Silk City.

  75. Bill & Gail Langlois March 24, 2011 at 11:12 am

    Great sound and great stage presence. Loved it.

  76. Great Group!

  77. Love it!

  78. Manchester’s Silk City Chorus is a treasure. These wonderful gentlemen lift their voices together to treat us with great music . It’s obvious they are enjoying themselves but the songs they sing come after much rehearsing. Anyone who has ever sung without accompanying music understands just how much of a challenge it is to stay on key for one song much less all the time. Thanks to you all for another great performance. Looking forward to many more.

  79. In this age of rap, it’s so good to hear good close harmony on songs that will be around forever. Anyone familiar with singing knows that singing without earphones or backup instruments, with the goal of blending perfectly, is difficult, but oh, when they ring those chords: it’s heaven. The Silk City Chorus does the tradition of barbershop harmony proud!

  80. Great job! Love the four part harmony

  81. Nice job guys.

  82. Great job. Looking forward to your next annual show in January.

  83. Excellent singing as usual.

  84. Enjoyable to hear. Fun to watch.

  85. They did a very good job and really showed that they were into the song.

  86. Great that you do not use printed music.

  87. Good size of group makes a great sound.
    Keep it up.


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