J. Cottle, Choral Director

“Elijah Rock” by Moses Hogan
Genre: Spiritual

Watch an interview from this group’s director.

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  1. From the interview alone, I’m looking forward to hearing this group!

  2. I love them!

  3. Taylor Robitaille March 19, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    Go MCLA!

  4. Elizabeth Robitaille March 19, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    They were amazing! Loved the harmonies and the complexity of the piece.

  5. I loved them! They should win.

  6. Winners! For sure, they were absolutely fantastic.

  7. Shannon Robitaille March 19, 2011 at 9:06 pm

    They were the most complex of all the college ensembles. Absolutely perfect.

  8. I loved them!

  9. They were awesome!

  10. I loved their style, they were great!

  11. Lovely to listen to!

  12. I really enjoyed listening, they were exciting to watch!

  13. Great tone and harmonies!

  14. I don’t know anything about music but it sounded really good!

  15. Paul and Annette Allen March 19, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    The harmonies were superb. Under Mr. Cottle’s direction, this group is destined to win. Keep up the good work! We enjoyed listening to a great performance!

  16. Best group so far!!! =]

  17. i loveeeeed it paulo, sat here and listerned to the entire thing, its really nice to know that there are alot more teens who are very spiritual. just lemme know when i need to vote and i will do so, along with a few of my friends who i will show this.. love you lots !

  18. Wonderful!

  19. It’ great I love it, Good job guys.

  20. They were awesome

  21. they were stuppendous1

  22. Good job MCLA.

  23. Outstanding performance!

  24. Loved this! Great performance, wonderful harmonies, etc. Thank you!

  25. To pick a group as a winner after the first program would seem to show a slight prejudice! lol That said, this group was great. Elijah Rocks certainly did! The group’s articulation was superb. Melody can get lost amid the complex part-singing. Tough piece! Great dynamics. 98/100

  26. Fantastic!

  27. Wonderful spirit, harmony and song. Well done! Bravo.

  28. Fabulous! A complicated piece performed beautifully and with real spirit.

  29. Tha song was spot on , Negro spiritual , I love it … The tone , the expression , the body language , always expresses how ones feelings about the songs the’re singning .. this is definitely , a winning song keeep, up the good works ,M C, L ,A .. Congratulations is in order ..

  30. I thought that they were a fabulous group and they are going to go far. They are a delight to listen to.

  31. Great work. I respect how serious they take their performances and practices. This group is without a doubt hard working, motivated and dedicated.

  32. What voices! You are fabulous. Wish I were closer to be able to attend one of your concerts!

  33. Great job! You guys definitely captured the spirit of the song!

  34. Absolutely fantastic! They are a pleasure to listen to!

  35. Get it, ‘Grettos. Jay, you should be so proud. Jackie, I see you dancing in the corner. Absolutely astounding.

  36. Outstanding!
    Love it!

  37. MCLA Allegrettos are AMAZING!!! The best thing since Glee! I absolutely love them. <3

  38. An excellent job on a challenging piece. I’ve heard the Allegrettos many times and I’m always blown away. They are outstanding.


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