Peterborough, NH

David Vernier, Choral Director

A. Rise up, My Love, My Fair One” by Healey Willan
Genre: Sacred Contemporary

B. Bogoroditse Devo” by Arvo Pärt
Genre: Sacred Russian

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  1. Nice blend of voices. Enunciation is excellent as are the dynamics and intonation. Exciting performance.
    Thanks! Fred and Marianne

  2. Soulful! And extremely professional!

  3. A wonderful contrast of pieces, with excellent dynamics, clear diction, and genuine expressiveness! The performance makes me want to try those pieces with my own group! Many thanks for sharing these voices and these pieces!

  4. Beautiful repertoire selections.

  5. I give it four stars for cinematography and soundtrack!

  6. This group makes wonderful music. I particularly liked the Russian piece. You have my vote.

  7. Wonderful harmonies on what seems to be a very challenging piece. Well done!

  8. Fantastic! Very expressive. Love the contrast in pieces! I vote for PCC!

  9. I found this video illuminating.


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    Additional support is provided by: A grant from The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts from the Raymond E. and Mildred G. Clark Foundation Fund and the Members of WGBY.