Springfield, MA

Justin Calcasola, Choral Director


“Oh wont you sit down?”
Genre: African spiritual

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  1. RMJ are the best, they are awesome and great singers!!

  2. Awesome!!!

  3. These kids are just amazing!

  4. The kids were great. Excellent job by all!

  5. They did a great job!!! Awesome……….

  6. Great choice of songs, and beautifully sung!

  7. Outstanding!!!

  8. Great Job!

  9. Congrats on a job well done!

  10. Awesome job RMJ Chorus!

  11. RMJ # 1!!!

  12. love it, awesome, great job, and they sound really good and in tune, keep up the good team work…..

  13. Great job love the song 🙂

  14. I thought I was going to see a bunch 1st graders, but to my surprise they aren’t. Great job kids, all the best of luck!

  15. These kids are very talented,I’m glad my son.IS among a group of great kids.

  16. Thank you, i feel the same way my daughter is very lucky to be apart of a great experience with great kids, we are blessed 🙂

  17. I thought these youngsters were great! They have my vote for the Children’s Chorus category. They sang with feeling and made great music!

  18. Wow! Really strong and confident. Love the soloist on the first song and the movement on the second song. Keep up the good work!

  19. I have a FB account, but I wanted to leave a note anyway. This choir was terrific! You have my vote all the way! Congratulations on a wonderful performance! 🙂

  20. This song was defined above and placed in the genre African Spiritual, but there is no such thing! Spirituals are a body of over 6,000 surviving melodies created by slaves in this country. Some of the spiritual’s musical forms are taken directly from and built upon African chants, sounds, rhythms and harmonies. But the language of spirituals and their deep meanings are distinctly American as these slaves realize they are never going back to their homeland where they were kings and queens. The theme of death as freedom, found throughout the spiritual repertoire, is telling of the dire conditions into which the slave was made to…work/breathe. Being a slave is not a way of living. Slavery was, for the slave, simply working/breathing til death. An economic venture from the start, slavery was thought of as a way to build a new country without paying for that labor. It was cheaper to get more slaves than to care for and nourish the ones you own already. Most often, slaves would die of hunger and/or maltreatment, only to be replaced by a newer, younger, stronger “specimen.”

  21. you kids sound great! You sound like way more than nine children! Great projection!

  22. Awesome!


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