Pioneer Valley Area

Director: Tony Lechner

“Route 66” by Bobby Troup

About Director Tony Lechner
Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

Tony Lechner is an award-winning director, composer, performer, and educator who brings passion and energy to his music and the groups he works with. Tony specializes in vocal harmonies, and makes learning music easy to understand and fun to do. Tony has a master’s degree in jazz composition and arranging, which is quite handy when it comes to putting together charts for the choir. Combine that with 20+ years’ experience transcribing and teaching the incredibly complex music of Take 6 and the Real Group to choirs of all ages and you have the recipe for one great singing experience!

Lechner is the creator of 5-Alone, the incredible high school jazz a cappella group that won numerous awards and performed around the globe. He created the Valley Jazz Choir (and the Valley Rock Choir) to provide people of all ages with more opportunities to sing.

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