Greenfield, MA
Director: Eveline MacDougall
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“Malala” words & music by Eveline MacDougall
“Sizohamba” hymn from Swaziland

The Amandla Chorus began performing South African freedom songs in 1988 as a way to support the campaign to end apartheid in South Africa. Its repertoire later expanded to include songs from many lands, as well as compositions by director Eveline MacDougall. The group has performed at many concert halls, but found its most moving experiences often occurred while singing in places like schools, community centers, shelters, and prisons. Amandla has always emphasized audience participation to help break down the boundaries between “performers” and “spectators.”About the Director<br /> Eveline MacDougall founded Amandla in 1988. She has directed several other choirs for people of all ages and, in 1999, directed a large-scale production of the Misa Andina (Andean Mass). Her work includes stints as an artist-in-residence in many schools and programs, as well as in political musical/theatre troupes presenting original works drawing on themes of citizen empowerment.

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