Amherst, MA

Anita Cooper, Choral Director

Overture to The Barber of Seville by Gioacchino Rossini
Genre: Classical

Watch a video clip from this ensemble’s director.

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  • This is terrific – everybody, please cast a vote for the Chorale!!

  • Hey everybody – give a listen and then please cast a vote for the ARHS Chorale!

  • A really enjoyable performance!

  • Donna Griffin

    You guys are so amazing – loved it!!!!!

  • Ryan DeGroot


  • David Nunnelly

    YOu guys are great! keep it up!

  • Hand down the best.

  • Carol Bond

    WOW!!! An incredible performance……. Well done, a winner for sure.

  • Karen Rennar

    Fantastic. Enjoyed it!

  • Not able to vote (?) but “Like”!

  • Bruce

    I didn’t understand the lyrics because I don’t speak Italian. 😉
    Seriously … really amazing. I could sworn I heard violins and trumpets.

  • Cika

    Like it! 😀

  • Bessie

    Like this a lot~!!!!

  • Teresa

    Wonderful! You are incredible!!

  • Patricia Warner

    Fabulous! Musically adept, wonderful control, great arrangement, and funny.

  • Ericka Alschuler

    Love it! This has my vote.

  • Ellie Massengill

    Whoa. That. Was. AMAZING!

  • J forconi

    Great Work! It’s extremely uplifting to see such dedication and seriousness from this age group. The importance of music in life is being promoted a thousand-fold here. Bravi tutti and Bravissima Anita.
    – JF

  • Geoff Friedman


  • Ellen Reich

    Fantastic! Marvelous!

    Ellen Reich

  • Jeff Kalman

    That was AMAZING! I swear I saw angels! Or was that phlegm? Either way, BRAVO!

    P.S. Jaimon, you rock! (in a classical sort of way)

  • Chris

    Totally fun (and even more amazing that something so difficult could look so effortless.) Great job!

  • Kelley Rathman

    Really enjoyed this, and honestly feel they are far and above the best…I also appreciate the director’s comment about helping the kids to be exposed to something they will love all their lives..fantastic!

  • Excellent! Different! Amazing!

  • Hailey Gourinski

    This group is the main contender against the group that I performed in for Together In Song. I must admit, they did a brilliant job with this piece and they definitely deserve a shot at winning this contest.

    Good luck guys!

  • Shelley Timberlake (ARHS Chorale, class of ’72)

    Ohhhhhhh Well DONE you all! Good to see the ARHS Chorale continuing in its longstanding tradition of Excellence !

  • Laura de Vera

    For crying out loud, this is FANTASTIC. This sounds like rehearsal must’ve been fun. If anyone should win, it’s you guys. You chose such a hard song and did such a great job. Mrs. Cooper: you’re a genius. This is so fun and beautiful, you guys deserve everyone’s attention. GO CHORALE!!!!!!:D

  • Great musically and great fun.

  • What a good performance of a fun piece! I would recommend a bit more uniform standing posture (like the young man with white tie in front has) to even out the quality and gentler jaw openings of the men. A bit more vocal energy in the sopranos too. (You know what a technical nut I am, Anita!!) Brava to you and your students.

  • Maribeth Courtney

    Simply brilliant!

  • Ah, that was great fun! Watched it several times!

  • Margie Hutter

    Wonderful performance! And, the facial expressions are delightful!

  • Christine Williamson White

    How fun!!! That Choral Director is the best!!!

  • K Hartman

    Loved it!!

  • Anita-your genius for taking an ordinary assignment and transforming it into a fun, beautiful and memorable performance is breathtaking. Congratulations, and the best of luck going to the top where you all belong.

    When you’re done with that, maybe you want to move to LI and teach my Katie.

    Best wishes, break a tonsil or something!

    Best regards,

  • Robin Parsons

    Oh, boy, it’s clear you are really having a lot of fun! The smiles at the end are well deserved. The head-shaking trill is absolutely brilliant! Your vocalizations are like you are a whole of chorus of Bobby McFerrin’s and if you don’t know who Bobby McFerrin is, you need to find out!

  • mitch vincent

    thought it was great. Could of been a little better if they knew the words. “just kidding”

  • Great work. Nice blended sound. Sounds like a very challenging piece. Enjoyed the head shaking without the heavy metal sound.

  • janet mcgowan

    Love this! Wonderful and hilarious.

  • Chris Gentes

    Wow, guys! Look how far Chorale has come!


    -Chris (’06 Librarian)

  • Satish Adlurmohan

    Awesome performance. Appreciate your talent

  • Dianna LaBonte

    Absolutely excellent!

  • Kathy Niedzielski

    Fabulous!! They have my vote. Great job!!

  • Ken & Carolyn Samonds

    Really enjoyed it! Very complicated music delivered with verve, animation,8795 and humor.

  • Kathy Niedzielski

    Fabulous!!! Great job!! You have may vote.

  • Patricia Warner

    You stand out in the crowd. Wonderful — and fun. Great energy, great voices, great interpretation, great everything.

  • Ruth Knollmueller

    Terrific piece. You get my vote.

  • Billie Bozone

    Truly wonderful to see young people enjoying such wonderful music. The person above who noted how great the “blended” sound was is right on. Wow!

  • Ms. Cooper, you really have something here!! What an amazing idea that I must borrow for my chorus one day very soon! Had you heard this done acapella before? Or another classical piece? This is brilliant and brilliantly executed by your very talented students. You must have had a lot of fun learning this and I thoroughly enjoyed listening and watching it be done! You and the group look fabulous, I must say. Good luck to all. I wish I could vote for every group! But, alas, all are winners…already!

  • Ken Samonds

    I’m old enough to remember the “Swingle Singers” (Paris, 1962) who made this scat-singing-to-classical-music style popular. [Hmmm… apparently the group still exists… or a revival group, at least.] This musical style is perfect for showing-off clear, young voices with perfect diction.. and the ARHS Chorale did an excellent job. I want to hear MORE!

  • Judy

    Great work, very professional.

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